1. Day One
  2. To Jupiter and Back
  3. Samba Saturn
  4. Basic Principles
  5. Just Another Space Odyssey
  6. Interlude No. 4
  7. Le Carnaval des Étoiles
  8. Pulsar
  9. Michael's Anthem
  10. The Lunar Effect
  11. Lullaby for Heidi
Reader Sebastian Teir, aka Kebu, has a new album coming out, To Jupiter And Back, that is chock-full of vintage analog action and a tribute to some of the ‘the gods of synthesis’.
We’ve featured several of Kebu’s synth jams previously, but if you’re not familiar with his work, the teaser video above offers a taste of his new album.
Here’s what he’s got to say about it:

This album is a tribute to the great synthesizer music that I grew up with of artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Mike Oldfield. The album consists of music made only using vintage analog synthesizers, recorded in the old-fashioned way, using only sequencers, tape machines and analog mixers, which gives the album a very warm and organic sound.

2012. Press Information