1. Oil in the family [6:22] MP3 soundclip of Oil in the family [3:00]
  2. Formula N-one [9:40]
  3. Disc-O-Asis [7:05]
  4. No doubt about it [5:45]
  5. Family reprise [1:03]
  6. Blue in the shadow [3:52]

    Bonus track:
  7. A family in the oil [3:11]
Jan Akkerman: guitars, synthesiser guitars, and bass guitars
Jim Campagnola: Sax
Ab Tamboer: Vibes, marimbas and drums
Eddie Conard: Percussion This album was made for a bet in 48 hours and is full of Jan's humour ( Disc-O-Asis and writing credits to A. Rab ). It has a Middle Eastern flavour and features aggressive guitar playing over a disco beat (Jan was into bass and drum music before anyone else!!). According to Dave Randall at Akkernet this album is big in Turkey.

It is coming out on CD with some extra re-mixes which were put as 12" disco singles in the late 70's.

Timothy Baugh