1. Prince of Darkness 12'45
  2. Empire of the Pure Souls 12'53
  3. Spring Impressions 09'42
  4. Open Galaxy 25'40
  5. Gunboat 10'24
Shaman of the classical electronic music, a loner and visionary going in spite of mass production, one of the best live el-music performers of his time. Wladyslaw "Gudonis" Komendarek comes to Generator.pl Records with his retrospective album showing selected and never published compositions from 80-90s.

Dreamy, ambient and anxious atmosphere of the Universe's vastness is mixed with the sequential order and crazy soloing performed by this excellent instrumentalist. All is full of fast played passages and also tender romantic melodies. These pieces herald a new Komendarek who at some point in his career breaks up with his well known post-progressive past and focuses on searching for new sounds, penetrating most species from the classical music, through techno to free jazz improvisations. Generator.pl chose five best tracks from Gudonis' archives which are a must-have for fans of EM.

Additionaly this is a pure joy that over 70 minutes of great music have been saved from the oblivion. I'm an estranged. I'm an Alien! There is nothing truer than this etiquette that Wladyslaw Komendarek likes to stick to his skin. The symbolic icon of the underground music, the music without borders, which makes shiver the Polish cultural scene since nearly 30 years aligns albums which have the gift to stupefy and also to seduce each time. Because it's crazy, it is daring and, especially, it's very different. The polygamist of sounds and the genres likes to destabilize his public by offering a music which is renewed each time in his excesses of curiosity or, still, his sovereign desire of artistic independence. First solo album to appear on the prestigious Polish label of EM, “I'm an Alien” plunges into this universe of instability of the genres where the complexity of the progressive music, Komendarek was a keyboard player for the band Exodus in the 70's, goes alongside with the EM of the Berlin School style. Composed between the 80's and 90's, except for "Prince of Darkness", “I'm an Alien” invites us to a surprising collection of unreleased music selected by Generator pl. in order to introduce the world of Wladyslaw Komendarek to the regular customers of this label which specializes in contemporary EM. Presented in a beautiful digipack packaging and decorated with a superb artwork unique to the cosmic visions of the Polish label, this compilation of old tracks from Wladyslaw Komendarek forgot on the counter of time reveals all the paradoxes of this fascinating character who likes to dare and to defy the patience of your fearful ears.

And it starts with an elongated synth line which squeaks like a sheet of metal which is twisting itself of madness in a sonic fauna filled of metallic jingles, of strident locust chants and of many knockings of any kinds. Some lost voices try to blow ethereal breezes through these metallic groans, conferring to "Prince of Darkness" a slow ambient intro which is dying in its ochred perfumes. Repetitive knockings escape from there a little before the 4th minute. The phase where "Prince of Darkness" starts to become more musical with filets of synth drawn by mists and absent voices which hum an abstract air on a structure of rhythm progressing stealthily. The sequences click and their echoes forge this sneaky rhythm, while the jingles awaken memories of Tangerine Dream in Le Parc and the synth pads and riffs awaken those of Exit. Little by little, "Prince of Darkness" still changes its skin to introduce a more steady structure of rhythm where the elements are zigzagging in the bed of the oscillations and of this pattern of sequences/percussions which will drum ceaselessly a circular rhythm which tries constantly to take shape. Not too complex, not too daring, "Prince of Darkness" is the ideal track to invite us to “I'm an Alien”. "Empire of the Pure Souls" is a long music piece of atmospheres with waves of synth which undulate like some slow black wings spreading radioactive furrows. Hollow voices are roaming in this ambient mosaic forged in the abounds of despair. The music borders both the seraphic elements, in particular with this delicious angelic choir, and in the Mephistophelian one's with the fall of a big gargantuan organ to make turn the Phantom of the Opera in his grave. "Spring Impressions" comes from nowhere! It 's a great electronic ballad. Long, seductive and very catchy with a good rhythm, nice harmonious effects and a bewitching charismatic envelope. A theme music where the good are good and the sun is full of love. Very beautiful! There is a small tint of TD in Legend all over these 10 minutes of pure delight.

"Open Galaxy" is a long protean track, opens to all the possibilities and knotted in all unlikelihoods. Indomitable, the track begins with an ambient approach where blooms a structure of rhythm abandoned on the highway of cacophony. It's rather strange... let's say. Organ pads get back to pepper the ambiences, peppering the atmospheres, while the jingles from the elytrons of metal are sparkling like a strange running against the breath where slamming sequences bombard of keen fluttering jerks. A line of sequences makes its keys jump up in a jerky gyrating movement which is always wrapped in the bed of those luxurious organ waves. Repetitive percussions flood the approach in a kind of techno which refuses to take off, too much wrapped up in electronic effects to rage freely. From skin to skin, from phase to phase; "Open Galaxy" evolves at the will of Komendarek's fantasies who brings down the music into a furious progressive rock with wild synth solos which will die in Cosmic or Mephistophelian phases...according to our imagination. Written at the same time, around 87, "Gunboat" exploits the immoderation and the most explosive parts of "Open Galaxy" but in an approach clearly more unbridled with synth solos which will make relive, in several of us, the golden years without constraints of Keith Emerson. At small dose, so much it's furious!

A sensible advice if your ears will meet for the first time the universe of Wladyslaw Komendarek. But there is of everything in this “I'm an Alien”. The music depicts marvelously the name of this album. There is a good Berlin School. A rather efficient mix of ambient and frightening moods which will swallow you. As well as a sublime electronic ballad wrapped of a mesmerizing melodious envelope. And finally, madness! But this is good. It's just like this character who always finds a way to seduce. Even in his craziest excesses!

2015. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca