1. Beauty Of The Blast
  2. Longing For Cashba
  3. Bois De Boulogne
  4. Stoneyard MP3 soundclip of Stoneyard [3:00]
  5. Akash Deep
  6. Storm Seekers
  7. Gaudi Parc
  8. Last Trumpet On 23rd Street
  9. Silver Siren
  10. Dream Sculpture
Part of a five-album Tangerine Dream cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring the albums "Autumn in Hiroshima," "Cyberjam Collection," "Ocean Waves Collection," "The Silver Siren Collection," and "The London Eye."

Silver Siren Collection - the third release out of the Antique Dream Land series is a musical power pack. A must for those of you who are very much into TDs tasteful melodic approach. Specifically with this recording you can hear the causal context which combines most of TDs work through the decades. Figure out if the keynote you might have personally about the band will effect you like a 'chain reaction' as it has been quoted recently. Entirely remastered enjoy the superb sound!

2007. Press Information