CD #1
  1. Comet's Figure Head
  2. Rim of Schiaparelli
  3. Deep Space Cruiser
  4. Pilots of the Ether Belt
  5. Spiral Star Date
  6. Mars Mission Counter
    CD #2
  1. Ça va-Ça marche-Ça ira encore
  2. Astrophobia
  3. Tharsis Maneuver
  4. Outland
  5. Dies Martis
  6. Terra Gravity
  7. Wormhole Number Five
  8. Red Ocean
Vault 5", taken from TD's live concert archive, is called "Rocking Mars".
It contains Tangerine Dream's complete set from the 1999 "Klangart" festival on a two CD set.

Beside Edgar and Jerome, this event also features Gerald Gradwohl on guitar and Emil Hachfeld on electronic percussion. Sadly, this gig was the last one with Emil cause he died only one year later.
Most parts were later used on TD's very successful studio album "Mars Polaris". So get the experience once again and listen to one of the groups finest moments of the late nineties.

Press Information ROCKING MARS has TD being "a 4 piece band", featuring Edgar, Jerome, Gerald Gradwohl on guitar, and Emil Hachfeld on electronic percussion. It was recorded Live at the German Klangart festival in 1999, and that live performance and the energy the four generated helped them produce one of the best Tangerine Dream albums and performances of the last 15 years.

Archie Patterson "Rocking Mars" is the fifth part in the live concert series, The Vaults. This double cd contains the largest part of a concert given by TD on June 12, 1999, during the Klangart Festival. Father and son Froese were accompanied on that day by a real drummer (Emil Hachfeld) and guitarist (Gerald Gradwohl). The end of the nineties is not what I would call the heyday of these EM godfathers as "Rocking Mars" again shows.
It all sounds like what we are used to, i.e. the sound is quite good but the compositions do not hold one’s attention, something which, in the old days, we would have never said about TD! The songs are too long and also often too sugary ("Deep Space Cruiser" sounds almost like elevator music), and Gradwohl’s guitar work is much less exciting than that of the Froeses themselves. Whereas Vault 4 yielded two excellent double cds, Vault 5 turns out to be rather disappointing.
While, of course, it never really becomes bad with TD, still this release is more for the fanatical collector.

André de Waal / Again purchased this nice live album @ the "Paradiso" concerts. Mars Polaris is the main theme here & much the same as the studio version but altered just enough to make it interesting to listen to. Some tracks on the studio version I lost interest in but on this one my interest was stirred up again. Great percussion from Emil Hachfeld & Guitar work from Gearld Gradwohl.
Edgar & jerome very impressive on those keys of course. Nice packaging & deliverance. Worth adding to the TD collection.

2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland