1. No Way [5:50]
  2. Big Bang [5:42]
  3. Dark Matter [7:18]
  4. Dance with Sequence [6:55]
  5. Slow Fall (Album Mix) [5:43]
  6. In Control [6:27]
  7. Digital Spirit [9:15]
  8. Meteora [7:25]
  9. New Time [6:07]
  10. Sonnenwind [6:17]
With their sixth album, Wellenfeld approach the beginning of everything: the Big Bang. Musically the duo enter known ways, but they packed it hidden in a subtle new sound. Another musical root of Wellenfeldīs past comes to the fore: EBM, New Beat and Teutonic Beats.

This danceable, electronic dream music from the late 80s, was the pioneer for the later emergence of Techno. On "The Big Bang", all these styles wree mixed together to a new musical experience. Andreas Detlef Braun and Dominizcak do not disclaim once more their typical floating melodies and pack them togehter to a timeless concept album. Even though their sixth album ends 3 minutes after the Big Bang, it describes the way to a fantastic trip on the way to the beginning of all known. Highly recommended.

2011. Press Information A good reference point is Fanger & Kersten's "Mind Flux" series. I would categorize the "The Big Bang" as Mid Era with a Euro feel. Hardcore traditional synth fans may not like the beat-orientations in the tracks. However, as someone who appreciates the many sub genres of electronic music that have evolved in the past three decades, I think Detlef and Andreas have done some very nice and colorful compositions on this latest release.

The first track opens with a serious tone that's mixed with vocal effects to produce a very nice cosmic vibe. Many others like "In Control" merge the some of the best styles of Redshift with Kraftwerk circa "Computer World." A nice crossing of styles and I look forward to broadcasting this Wellenfeld on my radio program.

2011. Pat Murphy / USA Muffled pulsation introduces the symphonic intro of "No Way". It pulses beneath an undulating synth wave and choruses of a youthful appearance. Fine piano notes emerge. They accompany the military march of drums which are wrapped by the thick strata of a synth to philharmonic breaths. And then, "No Way" takes off with deep drum rolls, nervous and hatched sequences and these youthful choirs which are drown in solid hypnotic percussions / pulsations, while synth keys circulate and flutter around a huge pulsatory beat filled by a cosmic mist. With this melodious approach tied to a heavy hypnotic tempo, "No Way" launches The Big Bang in the same way as Phase V unwound its 11 musical paintings. Heavy and pulsating rhythms, sequences which hiccup and skip into nice spasmodic crossings and good arrangements, as cosmic as orchestral, adorn 10 electronico-cosmic melodies which revolve around this 6th opus of Wellenfeld.

The title track follows on the ashes of "No Way". Honeyed, the intro floats in a cosmic sphere before embracing a more nervous tangent with a jerky rhythm which releases a soft spiralled melody. A melody which spins in loops on a rhythm became more frenzied with chipped chords which stumble in a cosmic atmosphere ŗ la Jarre. "Dark Matter" is the first personal favourite of The Big Bang. Itís a superb title which starts in the uncertainty before adopting a fine pulsatory movement. Itís a soft movement of dance floor with sequences which lurch with melancholy among melodious pads which multiply and overlap on a suave hypnotic tempo. A beautiful sequential movement escapes to form a wide spiral loop which crosses among ornamental musical elements such as felted percussions and cosmic sound effects before taking up with its structure of origin. Itís a great track which doesnít stop seducing. And there are many others The Big Bang. "Dance with Sequence" follows with a stroboscopic sequential line where chords and percussions collide on a cadence with slightly jerky oscillations. The movement is fluid with a good sequential flow from which chords shell such as a dislocated movement while a melodious Kraftwerk style approach hidden in violin strata, worthy of spasmodic dance- floors. Itís a heavy and lively, coated by a good melodious approach quite as on "New Time" and "Sonnenwind", 2 tracks which oscillate between the universes of Moonbooter and Element 4.
"Slow Fall (Album Mix)", quite as "Meteora", is a ballad where muffled hammerings structure a lascivious tempo adorned with a nice melody and layered by good morphic strata which waltz in cosmos. "In Control" pursues this exploration of evolutionary rhythms. If a heavy pounding launches its rhythmic structure, the rhythm goes quietly astray towards a more melodious approach where the sequential movement runs free and takes an ascending tangent to embrace a stormier passage with crystal clear sequences which flutter on a structure became more nervous. "Digital Spirit" is the most beautiful track of The Big Bang. Some hesitating piano notes face a sequence of which sparkling chords skip in iridescent mists with dramatic outlines. The tempo takes shape. Itís slow and suave, as a cosmic down tempo, and becomes fast encircled by a spheroidal sequential movement. A movement where crystal clear and jerky chords swirl and derive on an evolutionary structure. The melody is catchy, as much for the soul as the hearing, with this fusion of piano and keyboard which conceives melodious chords on a slow enchanting movement. A nice structure which parsimoniously modifies its degree of intensity but which maintains this harmonious and dramatic musical pattern.

It is wonderful, very good and catchy! Three words which return constantly in the universe of Wellenfeld.

Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com