1. Beacon 1 [2:59]
  2. The Dark Lure [6:22]
  3. Beacon 2 [3:10]
  4. Gravity Well Flux Part 1 [2:54]
  5. Gravity Well Flux Part 2 [5:24]
  6. Beacon 3 [3:46]
  7. Anatomical Universe [7:19]
  8. Singularities [9:30]
  9. Star Birth [14:05]
  10. 73 74 61 72 [5:24]
All music composed by Gregory Kyryluk 2006-2011.

The music on this CD is a testament to my continued curiosity of this vast universe we are all drifting thru. The music on this CD a compliment to the lure and beauty of the night skies and the endless inspiration it continues to transmit to artists, poets & astronomers. Enjoy...

2011. Gregory Kyryluk "Myriad Stars" is brand new album by Gregory Kyryluk, the sole creator of Alpha Wave Movement, released in September 2011 on his own Harmonic Resonance Recordings label. The album fires with deeply drifting "Beacon 1" graciously opening the gates to this joyous intergalactic space odyssey. Spiced with pulsing mid-paced effects it creates warmly inviting atmosphere. Celestial washes open "The Dark Lure", colored with futuristic sonics, this piece quickly transfers into more melodious plateau, gently pulsing and rhythmed electronics with own, trademarking AWM sound sculpting. Well done, Greg! "Beacon 2" utilizes absolutely charming melodies, perfectly balanced with grandeur drifts. Yes, this is AWM at his most sophisticated craft exploring the depth of extraterrestrial realms! Then follow two parts of "Gravity Well Flux", with the first one being rather more deeper and mysterious, while the second part is progressing into active texture in shimmering Berlin School EM fashion, simultaneously atmospheric and driving. "Beacon 3" incorporates hauntingly dreamy airwaves with semi-melodic elements and angelic choir-like sounds, a true celestial beauty in my ears! "Anatomical Universe" is attractively painted with free floating stratospheric ambience and later joined by ear-catching kinetic rhythms, undoubtedly the most moving composition on this trip, again with skillfully bridged dreamy atmospheres and pulsing melodies. "Singularities" drifts into deeper space enriched ocassionally by various bubling cybernetics and processed heavenly choirs, later semi-melodious patterns are added, definitely a true masterpiece!!! Over 14 minutes long "Star Birth" remains in the deeper and vast territories with its warmly aerial and absorbing skyscapes with fragile sonic gurgles, later invaded by sharper, crystal clear space melodies. Another highly elegant and magnetizing sculpting! "73 74 61 72" is the closing composition enriched with space rumblings, hisses, gurgles..., rather intense and sonorous, more experimental texture, colored also by various processed radio transmissions, adventurous outro!

"Myriad Stars" by Alpha Wave Movement is another fine space/ambient album demonstrating potential, craft and musicality of Gregory Kyryluk, it's highly recommended sonic journey to look deeper into the vast expanse of the universe!!!

2011. Richard Gürtler / Bratislava, Slovakia