1. Beyond Andromeda [6:08]
  2. Then Time Stopped [2:07]
  3. Inside the Egg [5:04]
  4. Seeds [8:07]
  5. That First Step [9:35]
  6. Winter [8:21]
  7. Chaos Evolves [10:29]
  8. Time Machines [5:09] MP3 soundclip of Time machines [0:18]
  9. March of Evolution [6:33]
  10. Summer Rain [15:34]
‘Live in Lutton’ is an occasional series of releases, where an artist comes to Lutton and records a live set either in the studio or elsewhere, such as in the garden, or in a nearby field or lane.
This set from 4m33s was recorded in the garden until it began to rain, and then the equipment was hastily brought indoors, where the set was completed.