1. Skylander - Strange Heart [4:36]
  2. Startle B - Hold Your Head High [3:55]
  3. Miroslaw Mirocha - Nachdenken [3:25]
  4. Joh & Marvin - Bedrock [4:48]
  5. Christian Zander - Sinusrhythmus [1:00]
  6. Descon-Mission - Memories [5:58]
  7. Alien VS - Watching TV (cryling aliens) [5:27]
  8. Harald Nies & Markus Reuter - Follow Me [4:50]
  9. Liese & Kopper - Le Reve Numerique 22 [6:15]
  10. Lambert - Trance Move [4:00]
  11. Bay - Desert [8:52]
  12. Dayflight - City Night [6:51]
  13. Traumklang - Kleiner Tiergarten [6:50]
  14. Ralf Weiden - Die Plage [3:24]
Previously unreleased tracks In this ninth installment of the series of samplers Syntonic Waves there is once again a careful selection of tracks that will appeal to the lovers of Synth-Pop, Space Music, and adjacent musical trends.

The artists and themes gathered in this album include: Skylander: "Strange heart". Startle B: "Hold your head high". Miroslaw Mirocha: "Nachdenken". Joh & Marvin: "Bedrock". Christian Zander: "Sinusrhythmus v1.0". Descon-Mission: "Memories". Alien VS: "Watching TV (crying aliens)". Reuter / Nies: "Follow me". Hajo Liese & Till Kopper: "Le reve numerique 22". Lambert: "Trance move". Bay: "Desert". Dayflight: "City night". Traumklang: "Kleiner Tiergarten". Ralf Weiden: "Die plage".

As is predictable, there is a remarkable variety of styles derived from the presence of various artists as well as different ways of making music. Nevertheless, this wealth of approaches does not contradict the homogeneous nature of the album, inherent to the philosophy of the sampler, and all the compositions fit together well.

Edgar Kogler