1. Neutral Density - [4:59]
  2. Chyron - [9:19]
  3. Interpolation - [6:21]
  4. Gamut - 06 90
  5. Lossless - [5:26]
  6. Anamorphic - [8:40]
  7. Reverberation - [2:51]
  8. Motion Artifact - [7:57]
  9. Timelapse - [5:21]
  10. Phase Shift - [9:31]
  11. Fresnel - [3:16]
  12. GPRM - [12:15]
  13. Softlock - [9:18]

    All in MP3 - 320mbit and 44.1 KHZ 16 bit files.

    Special Bonus track as Ableton 9 set!!

    Making of Softlock Video with interviews of Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbuchel.
Softlock is a sensational album by Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbüchel. The dramatic and georgeous soundscapes come with a cristal clear sound and take you to a journey through time and space. Anyone who was witness of the live premiere of this opus at the Schallwelle Award at the 29th of march in Bochum, Germany, knows about the stunning impact of this album. But even better now, the original album takes you on that trip for more than 90 minutes (which is double time compared to Bochum)

The album comes on a USB stick and contains 13 tracks as well in 320KB/s MP3 as in 44.1KHz WAV. Additionally you find some PDFs with the artwork, informations and instructions. Besides this three little movies show interviews with the musicians and a "Making Of".

Ableton Live users will find a track to work on theirselves.

The USB stick is embedded in a card in the size of a credit card.

Limited edition!