1. The Intro [3:42]
  2. Pacific Wind [8:10]
  3. Grand Canyon [5:22]
  4. Springtime [2:22]
  5. Horizon [5:03] MP3 soundclip of Horizon [2:59]
  6. Out There [4:00]
  7. Dream By Dream [4:45]
  8. Dream Phase II [6:42]
  9. Steamy Steam [3:00]
  10. Nightlite [6:00]
  11. One Momentary Flash [3:00]
  12. To Be Something [3:27]
Remastered 2000 version.
Written and performed by Tony Andersen between January and October 1989.
Bonus Track One Momentary Flash recorded and mixed December 1996 and digitally remastered in 2000. The Dane, Tony Andersen, is known, among others, from the trio Navigator. The information on this man is very brief. This review applies to an album from 1989 that was mastered again in 2000. At the same time a bonus track "One Momentary Flash" was added. The 12 tracks provide for barely an hour of music from the Berlin School, to which a comparison with the beautiful Tangerine Dream of the 1980s can be made.
This is predominantly quiet, slightly rhythmic music with nice sequences and little melodies that are quite appealing to the ear. Sometimes with a spherical pre-amble, like in "Grand Canyon", these are exquisite little pieces of music, yet there’s one considerable drawback: it is much like TD and therefore could be characterized as not very original. Also, the sense of reviewing a re-release from 2000 in 2005 does not seem entirely logical to me. Nevertheless, I think this is a very enjoyable album to listen to and I prefer the music to "resemble something" instead of it being "altogether wrong"!
My copy has a little "hiccup" at 17 seconds in the second track, though.

Menno von Brucken Fock / SonicImmersion.org