1. Netherworld Passage [1:24]
  2. Vapor Trails [6:16]
  3. Son Synthetique [12:05]
  4. Machines At The Gates Of Dawn - Live [9:09]
  5. Interstellar Hitchhikers [18:48]
  6. Juniper Moon [5:53]
  7. Angels In Empty Rooms [7:29]
  8. Before We Migrate - Live [10:52]
From the Harmonic Resonance audio vaults found recorded vestiges that predate the debut Context. This release is a compendium of unreleased music.

Rare live recordings (we never performed but 3-4 times live and even then they where very short improv's), droneworks, soundscapes and live studio curios. We used everything from old analog drum machines, Moog's, ARP's, primitive samplers and early digital synthesizers to carve the music out that was spontaneous and driven by the moment's inspiration.

The music is never pre-calculated or composed although at times it may seem so the intention of Thought Guild was to let things happen and ride the wave of momentary inspiration.

released 22 November 2013

All music by Gregory Kyryluk & Christopher Cameron recorded 1998-2003 in the US.