1. Dithmar: Transformation
  2. Deutsche Bank: Futurized
  3. Grimbo Limbo: Underneath The Nightsky
  4. Sector One: Where The Gods Are Watching
  5. Circles Of Air: Vejen Til Asgard
  6. The Heather Grove: Descending From The Stars
  7. Current: Decadence
  8. Hertzinfarkt: Beware Of The Destiny
  9. Dezeption: I En Svunden Tid
  10. Electric Enemy: Norse

    CD II:
  11. The Silicon Scientist: The Macig Of Forgotten Times
  12. Music For The Man
  13. Timescape: A New Direction
  14. Dan Lacksman: Poliment
  15. Sonnenbrandt: There Is A Light
  16. Signey Lime: Ghost Mind
  17. Nomatisan: Divine Light
  18. Jon Teknik: A Different View On Jupiter
  19. Tor Brandt: Mit Hedenske Blod
  20. Mythos: Dance Of The Elves
A special birthday present to Bjorn Jeppsen alias Nattefrost. Various artists from the European electronic music scene interpreting compositions of Danish electronic Musician Nattefrost.
Among them projects as Mythos, Dithmar, Circus of Air, Herzinfarkt, Sonnenbrandt, Tor Brandt. and many others