CD #1: GO (1976)
  1. Solitude
  2. Space Requiem GO - Live From Paris (1976)
  3. Space Song (Live)
  4. Surfspin (Live)
    CD #2:
    GO - Live From Paris (1976)
  1. Solitude (Live)
  2. Man Of Leo (Live)
    GO Too (1977)
  3. Prelude [3:03]
  4. Seen You Before [6:15]
  5. Madness [5:59]
  6. Mysteries Of Love [6:42]
  7. Wheels Of Fortune [5:35]
  8. Beauty [5:10]
  9. You and Me [6:59]
  10. Ecliptic [2:25]
Composed and arranged by Stomu Yamashta with lyrics by Michael Quartermain

Musicians on GO:
Stomu Yamashta - String synthesizer, Tympani, Mini Moog synthesizer, Mini Korg synthesizer, percussion, instruments Sonores, des Freres Baschet
Steve Winwood - acoustic piano, vocal, electric piano, organ, guitar, string synthesizer
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Klaus Schulze - synthesizers (Large Moog, ARP 2600, Arp Odyssey, EMS synthi A, Farfisa Synthorchester)
Rosko Gee - bass
Chris West - rhythm guitar
Pat Thrall - solo and rhythm guitar
Julian Marvin - rhythm guitar
Thunderthights - backing vocals
Al DiMeola - solo guitar
Hisako Yamashta - violin, voice
Bernie Holland - guitar
Lennox Langton - congas
Paul Buckmaster - arrangement for Woodwind section Oboe and Piccolo, Brass section 1 Tuba, 2 Trumpets, 2 French Horns, String section 12 violins, 4 Violas, 4 Cellos

Musicians on GO - Live from Paris:
Stomu Yamashta - Korg synthesizer, percussion, piano
Steve Winwood - keyboards, vocals
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Klaus Schulze - synthesizers (Large Moog, ARP 2600, Arp Odyssey, EMS synthi A, Farfisa Synthorchester)
Al DiMeola - solo guitar
Jerome Rimson - bass
Pat Thrall - guitar
Brother James - congas
Karen Friedman - vocals

Musicians on GO TOO:
Stomu Yamashta - Korg synthesizer, percussion, acoustic piano
Al DiMeola - solo guitar
Doni Harvey - guitar, vocal
Paul Jackson - bass
Brother James - Latin percussion
Linda Lewis - lead vocals
Peter Robinson - keyboards, ARP synthesizers
Jess Roden - lead vocals
Klaus Schulze - Moog synthesizers
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Liza Strike, Doreen Chanter, Ruby James - backing vocals
The Martin Ford Orchestra

First official release on CD of The Complete GO Sessions.
Long awaited reissue of three legendary albums recorded by famed Japanese percussionist/composer STOMU YAMASHTA with a stellar cast of English, European and American musicians – a true East meets West collaboration of tremendous scope.
Features prominent contributions from master musicians Steve Winwood, Al DiMeola, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze, Paul Buckmaster, Pat Thrall, soul diva Linda Lewis. Captivating and enthralling combination of jazz fusion, space rock, soul, classical and experimental elements.
Double CD collection – three complete albums, GO (1976), the double LP GO-Live From Paris (1976) and GO Too (1977) – over 145 minutes of music with superb audio quality .

Press Information Finally, finally, finally! 30 years after the fact, the famous Go-records of the Japanese percussionist and composer Stomu Yamashta have been re-issued on a double cd. Yamashta, known mainly in classical circles, had a short but fierce brush with fame in popular music in 1976-1977, during which he produced two now classic albums. For this, he gathered the "who’s who" of the day, including Steve Winwood on vocals, guitar and keys (at that point, he had not done anything since leaving Traffic, but one year later he released the strong" Steve Winwood" come-back album), guitar player Al Di Meola (the brilliant string magician from Chick Corea’s Return To Forever), drummer Michael Shrieve (an integral part of the early Santana band), guitarist Pat Thrall (later known for releasing a string of solo blues cds), and – the most interesting for the E-dition reader - Klaus Schulze!

"Go" opens the trilogy with two long tracks subdivided into shorter pieces. The music can be characterized as experimental jazz fusion/space/soul/classic/rock with a leading role for the vocals of Winwood, the guitars of DiMeola and the keys from both Schulze and Yamashta. This all comes together magnificently in the track "Crossing The Line" which is also the high point of the second record "Go Live In Paris". During this song, Di Meola plays his best guitar solo ever, what "Comfortably Numb" is for Dave Gilmour, "Crossing The Line" is for Di Meola!
On "Go Live In Paris" the complete first record is included, supplemented with the extra excellent track "Windspin", and played with a lot more energy, a prima cd. This makes the shock of the third album even greater as the jazz rock/fusion has been almost completely replaced with soul, in which the female vocals of Linda Lewis dominate in the typical seventies style of soul music (Steve Winwood was no longer taking part).

The enthusiast will probably not listen to "Go Too" very much but instead pay more attention to the first two records of the by now nearly forgotten Stomu.

André de Waal