CD #1
  1. Dvorák New World No.9
  2. Traffic Of Silence
  3. Vault Of The Heaven
  4. Daluminación
  5. Lightcone
  6. Timanfaya
  7. Tropic Of Capricorn
  8. Dalinetopia
  9. Stuntman
  10. Metropolis
    CD #2
  1. Daliesquador
  2. Drunken Mozart In The Desert
  3. Pinnacles Part One
  4. Scarlet Score For Mescalero
  5. Hamlet
  6. Maroubra Bay
  7. Pinnacles Part Two
  8. Heatwave City
  9. One Night In Space

  10. Serpent Magique
  11. Leviathan
The first and maybe the only time you will hear Edgar Froese performing his solo compositions created from the mid seventies until today.
So many TD friends were giving us some headaches over the last months about the release of this double CD. After having the DVD out a while ago we did not run hot to print this product after the pictures of the gig and the download went on sale. But obviously we were wrong as far as people’s opinion have been concerned – so here it is! Edgar’s unique and flowing compositions with an extra fresh and new mastering!

The Tangerine Dream line-up gave Edgar a wonderful support at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands on April 13th 2008. As a lot of Edgar's music had been composed during his worldwide journeys you will listen to his experiences transferred into soundscapes which are telling stories about his laptop-mini-keyboard adventures from the deserts to the oceans. So after many of you enjoyed the DVD, here comes the Double Audio Release for your timeless comfort in a different area of music – relax and listen wherever you are.

2009. Press Information