CD 1
  1. Finally 1'40
  2. A Tear of Luciana 4'56
  3. Tchau Téo 5'09
  4. A son is born 3'28
  5. Passage 6'25
  6. Phare de vie 2'40
  7. Évasion rêvée 4'11
  8. Pour Arnaud 3'55
  9. La jetée de St Michel 7'03
  10. Amour de Persée 2'21
  11. Renaissance 4'22
  12. Moulin de la Falaise 3'50
  13. Grand Blottereau 3'35
  14. Des illusions 3'22
  15. Atlantic Airport 3'29
  16. Message Perdu 5,01
  17. Prière 1'34
  18. Solitude Standing 3'31
  19. En attendant C. Poisson 1'40
  20. Le Ciel est jaune (extrait) 1'06

  21. La Chaise Vide 8'10
  22. Toujours là 3'30
  23. Une autre vie 2'27
  24. Echo de ton âme 1'54
  25. Pour Solenn 1'44
  26. Alone together 1'04
  27. Ton message 2'09
  28. Spirit of the Deep 3'19
  29. Réminiscences 6'37
  30. Lambert Beach 3'50
  31. Valentin 5'19
  32. Plougoulm 2'40
  33. Granite song 2'06
  34. Correspondance extrait 1 2'10
  35. Train de Vie 5'48
  36. Correspondance extrait 2 2'15
  37. Jeux d'enfants 4'48
  38. Sissable 3'29
  39. D Une Rive à l'Autre 5'08
French artist Bertrand Loreau presents a double-CD-compilation of his best melodic, peaceful, romantic and introspective titles (released and unreleased) he has created over the years. Bertrand Loreau learned to play classical music as a child but stopped to play the piano during his adolescence and became a fan of progressive rock music, especially of Pink Floyd. He started to play electronic music at the beginning of the 80s, being influenced by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream that he discovered in the middle of the 70s.

Though he regularly returns to making berlin school music, produced and distributed by MUSEA and Spheric Music, he also occasionally develops a melodic style during his musical life. He often records short tracks based on improvisations on the accoustic piano.

Years after years Bertrand Loreau composed many little pieces in the vein of Vangelis, Enya, Mike Oldfield, etc. However Bertrand has his own universe due to the influence of the classical music he listened to when he was a child.

After 35 years of musical creation and because of his recent Spheric Music releases Bertrand is often seen as a berlin school musician. With « Finally » he wants to bring together a selection of melodic tracks which are, at his point of view, a good introduction to his intimate and sometimes mystic feelings that make him an original artist within the berlin school scene.

Bertrand Loreau asked the great french designer Jean-Loïc Mellin to create beautiful paintings for « Finally ». They remind Bertrand of his interest in progressive rock music and illustrate the world of peace and hope which have been created from his electronic instruments.