1. Unbreakable [9:21]
  2. Just Solutions [11:57]
  3. 35T Gross Weight [8:00] MP3 soundclip of 35T gross weight [1:00]
  4. Construction 3 [4:22]
  5. Destructor [9:37] MP3 soundclip of Destructor [1:00]
  6. Construction 4 [5:41]
  7. Otherland [6:21]
  8. This Is Massive [20:01] MP3 soundclip of This is massive [1:00]
Alien Nature aka Wolfgang Barkowski

The theme of 'Massive', the musically successor of 'Contruction', are machines used in the heavy industry - rusty and oily. The perfect distillation of the classic Teutonic Electronic sound. The tracks begin with waves of synthetics unfolding, sequencer slowly filtering into the mix, and then long, undulating multi-layers of synthetic sound mutating from one cosmic, symphonic theme into the next.
A cerebral listening trip extraordinaire.

2010. Press Information