1. Two Bunch Palms
  2. Dolls in the Shadow
  3. Treasure of Innocence
  4. Oriental Haze
  5. Graffiti Street
  6. Backstreet Hero
  7. Phaedra
  8. Love on a Real Train
  9. Hamlet
  10. Purple Haze
  11. Logos
Like Amon Düül and Can, Tangerine Dream are German-based purveyors of imaginative electronic music.
There have been numerous line-ups since the band's formation in September 1967, although Edgar Froese has remained at the head of affairs throughout, Froese put together Tangerine Dream.
A debut album was recorded, for which Froese brought in Konrad Schnitzler and Klaus Schulze. Jazz drummer Christoph Franke (ex-Agitation Free) joined in 1971, as did organist Steve Schroyder. This line-up recorded Alpha Centauri.

Zeit saw the band's instrumentation incorporate new synthesizer technology, while Atem focused on atmospheric, restrained passages. Influential BBC disc jockey John Peel elected it the best album of 1973. Phaedra established their biggest foothold in the UK market when it reached number 15 in the album charts in 1974. Their attentions turned, however, to a series of film soundtracks. Stratosfear emerged.

After the hectic touring schedule of the following year, Baumann left to pursue his solo career. He would go on to form his own Private Music label, and, ironically, sign Tangerine Dream for releases in the USA. However, they returned to instrumental work with Force Majeure. As the new decade dawned, the band became the first western combo to play in East Berlin. Tangram and Exit relied on melody more than their precursors, the latter featuring the emotive "Kiev Mission", which included a message from the Russian Peace Movement.

The band's lucrative soundtrack work at this point was almost eclipsing their own projects, although the money from this work enabled the members to set up their own individual studios. Chris Franke, after 17 years' service, left at the end of 1987. Computer programmer Ralf Wadephal took his place but when he left Froese and Haslinger continued as a duo until the former's son, Jerome, replaced the latter in 1991.

The "Live in America 1992" DVD captures the band on a high playing to a US audience. The footage is interlaced with archive footage of the band going back through their 25-year history ('67-'92). It features some of their classic tracks "Phaedra" and "Logos".
Uniquely the band also performs the Hendrix classic "Purple Haze".
This DVD is a MUST for all fans of electronic music!

Press Information A lot of money for just 46 minutes. Don't think this is a live Concert or at least a part of it. 50 % or more are videoclips or light effects and historic pictures from unknown people. Considering this must be worth almost 28 euro's, I would have expected more. The sound is OK , but the picture quality is poor. It looks like a copy of an old video. I think the pressinfo is misleading.

2004. tdfreak / Germany I'm sorry, but I have to agree with TD freak's review. A lot of money for just 3 quarters of an hour. That's all there is. No extra's. Just a poor menu to choose individual songs.
The Press Info talks about beautiful archive footage. Don't expect to much. This is no more than one clip, in which you see some fragments flashing by on which you can recognize old members like Johannes Schmoelling and Christopher Franke, who already left the band long before the 1992 North American Tour.
The sound quality is alright, but the video quality is poor. Some members from Yahoo's TD Group claim this is a digital copy from the Three Phase video, which was released somewhere in the 90's.
I don't think this is an official TDI-release, because this DVD comes from an unknown record label and I can't remember seeing it advertised on TD's official website.
The DVD-case gives no further info to clear this matter.

2004. Bert de Ruiter / The Netherlands BEWARE ! If, like me, you are sometimes pushed for time and therefore a little hasty in ordering products based purely on a title, you may well end up with a duplication in your collection. This DVD is actually a re-issue of the VHS "Three Phase" and has little to recommend it, if you already own that title. (and, not too much if you don't !).
I agree with tdfreak, the Press Information is misleading, the fact that it is a re-issue under a different name should at least have been made clear.

2004. Dennis Moore / South Africa Yes, this is a DVD version of the famous companion VHS/Laserdisc "220 Volt Three Phase" which was released in 1993 on Miramar label.

The video imagery is arranged according to the tracks of the soundtrack with emphasis on the Seattle 1992 concert. Short vintage shots of the band retrospective have been edited down from 16 hours of archival film supplied by TD. Live shots are mixed up with pictures of three bicycles pedaling in the desert (Dolls In The Shadow), a despaired man on the streetcorner (Treasure Of Innocence), neon effects and San Francisco night shots (Oriental Haze), night skies (Graffiti Street and Backstreet Hero), colourful geometric patterns (Phaedra) and older shots with longhaired Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling (Hamlet).

To make short : Good sound but poor image and high price for this item with no booklet, no info about the concert or the tracks and (of course) no comment about the previous Miramar item.
Ordering only based on review CAN BE HAZARDOUS...BE CARE

2004. Alain Lamri / France blah... what a bummer. I was expending something great from my favorite Electronic band and instead got some awful early 90's mullet rock meets Enya keyboards. What the what were they thinking with those hair-do's? If you LOVE Tangerine Dream which I know I do, PLEASE AVOID THIS DVD.

2005. LDT / Earth