1. Costa [5:19] MP3 soundclip of Costa [2:59]
  2. Poetry [3:34]
  3. Save Tonight [2:53]
  4. Secret Land [4:15]
  5. Theme From The Comedy Store [3:30]
  6. The Traveller [5:50] MP3 soundclip of The traveller [2:59]
  7. The Native Navigator [5:40]
  8. Storyteller [2:10]
  9. Unreal [2:17]
  10. Stratosphere [6:17] MP3 soundclip of Stratosphere [2:59]
  11. Titanic [6:27]
  12. Be Frank With Me [2:42]
Digitally mixed and remastered November 2001 at the Nanovision Studio, Herning, Denmark.

Hanna Henriksen - vocals on track 1 and 4.
Kim Mathisen - guitar and bass on track 1 and 2.
Stig Hagen - electric guitar on track 11.

Some of my unreleased tracks. From October till November 2001, I compiled and remastered these tracks.

2001. Tony Andersen Analog music in Tangerine Dream / Vangelis style. Tony Andersen started playing organ in the 1970's. Around 1981 he heard Tangerine Dream's Exit and this changed his music preferences forever. After parents bought him his first synthesizer (a Multivox) he started to combine this instrument with his organ playing to produce flowing electronic tracks.
In 1986, Tony managed to expand his setup and acquired more synthesizers. By that time, his style had fully developed into a rhythmic, sequencer-based type, strongly influenced by classic Tangerine Dream. The first MC came out in 1989. Offshore Destination followed in 1995 and then The Sky Lab Tracks (2001) which was a sampler of previously unreleased material.

Artemi Pugachov