1. Neue Menschen [2:12]
  2. Topos E [1:47]
  3. Speeclus 2 [6:24]
  4. Kein Schöner Traum [4:44]
  5. Folienschall [3:45]
  6. Topos 4 [1:55]
  7. Reso 1 [3:36]
  8. Reso 2 [3:01]
  9. Kurzer Ballonflug [2:34]
  10. Herr Und Hund [1:22]
  11. Speeclus 1 [3:13]
  12. Arnheimer Recyclica - Featuring [Basis Material] – Thomas Köner [2:56]
  13. Sediment 2 [3:40]
The weather here (respectively, just outside Chicago, and south-west edge of London) is harsh and bitterly cold, so it seems the perfect time to drop an early Barooni release. It would be almost too obvious to stick up some Thomas Köner for you, even if the frigid drones of Permafrost or Nunatak Gongamur fits the weather outside like a mitten, so here’s a typically steely release from the inscrutable Asmus Tietchens. A very prolific sound shaper who has always ploughed his own furrow regardless of outside influence, he’s a hard man to be completist about, but always worth dipping into. Open all the windows, turn off the heating, crank this up. Just don’t come whining to us if you get frostbite or hypothermia.

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