1. Preflight [0:59]
  2. Dusk [7:11]
  3. Memorial Inscriptions [4:25]
  4. The Firefly [6:25]
  5. The Long Flight [9:14]
  6. Cry [9:18]
  7. Stagnant Beauty [6:02]
  8. Upstreams [4:12]
  9. Subterranean Frequency [9:19]
  10. Similar Flightpaths [7:10]
  11. Subterranean Frequency (Reprise) [4:22]
  12. The Beautiful grey [9:18]
  13. Departure [1:53]
Looming underneath these towering creatures we normally refer to as clouds, it is easy to stop and stare with fascination and introspection at their cyclic drifting across the heavens. The pattern looks much the same from above, watching these silent skyriders fall prey to unrelenting winds, sweeping them away underneath and above, while they muster all their strength to stay with the sun. The Long Flight is a retrospective glance down the ambient side of Texas based project Patterns of the Sky and comes in a jewelcase with 16 page booklet.

2012. Press Information