1. Water Bearer Cabasa [6:25]
  2. Songs Of The Quendi: Night Theme [2:52]
  3. Songs Of The Quendi: Wampum Song [3:06]
  4. Songs Of The Quendi: Nenya Other [Quotations] J.R.R. Tolkien [4:59]
  5. Songs Of The Quendi: Land Of The Sun [1:52]
  6. Mirrors [3:17]
  7. Weaver [3:38]
  8. Night Of The Hunter's Moon [3:26]
  9. Child Of Allah Marimba, Congas Frank Ricotti [3:19]
  10. Song Of The Bow [3:37]
  11. Fire And Honey [2:30]
  12. Song Of The Healer [3:19]
The sister of the TUBULAR BELLS composer Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield had contributed to many of her brother's recordings before releasing this solo debut in 1978. With her mellifluous vocals and a similar multi-instrumental ability to her brother, Oldfield spins a series of Tolkien-esque tales that set her firmly in the vanguard of 1970s prog rock.