1. Assumpta Musica - Brussels 04/1997 [18:15]
  2. Our Memory - Gent 06/2004 [49:30]
EmmanuŽl D'haeyere's music is more than simply ambient - it seems to fill the listener's space, creating a different environment. The pieces slowly unfold, evoking a range of emotions and images. Although not popularly known, he tries to innovate in modern electronic music. In high school he played keyboards.

He grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Classical music,Tomita, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, that sort of thing. He started experimenting with playing around 1975. He started out using mostly just a sequencer, like monophonic. Those were reasonably priced. There are still some tapes of that early stuff; actually, he wants to release it as a best of. That stuff is like early electronic cosmic from the eighties.

As a musician he is very much inspired by Mike Olfield, Kitaro, Tomita, Ashra (ManuŽl Gottsching),Gandalf, Eno, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre as well as the symphonic pop music from the late seventies and eighties. The reasons why he likes these groups and artists is that they put you in a very different state of mind: turn off the lights, listen to it and relax, escaping from your daily routines. Isn't it great?