1. Chasing The Bad Seeds
  2. Hope And Glory
  3. Dante In Despair
  4. Soulgate
  5. Sisyphus
  6. The Spirit Of Virgil
  7. Transformazione
  8. Prison And Paradise
  9. Beyond Sodom And Gomorrha
  10. La Ley De La Montana
  11. Mercury Sphere
  12. Invisible Sun
  13. No More Birth No More Death
  14. L'ultima Tromba D'Oro
Original recordings from The Dante Song Collection from the Divine Comedy

Edgar Froese - keyboards
Jerome Froese - keyboards, electronics
Thorsten Quaschening - keyboards, electronics
Linda Spa - keyboards, flute, saxophone
Iris Camaa - percussion
Brandenburg Symphonic Orchestra - Orchestra with Michael Helmrath Director