1. realm [13:30]
  2. remnants [8:12]
  3. calling from beyond [7:16]
  4. the fields of aura [9:00]
  5. in fine principium [7:45]
recorded live at PostX, Merelbeke, Belgium, November 24th 2018
proceeds of this album will go towards funding live electronic music performances
thanks: to Dion Veys for asking me to perform in the church of Herent, where Alain Kinet invited me to repeat the performance at PostX, where Jan Buytaert recorded the show, which was mastered by Andy Bloyce, so that it would sound better for you, the listener

lots of love to Kathleen, Daan & Arne, family and friends
this album is dedicated to Filip & Leon Coppens, who remain.

music composed and performed by Tom Coppens
mastered by Andy Bloyce
gearlist: Cirklon, SEQ, Minilogue, System 8, Rev2, TI2 Polar, Blofeld, Albion One, M-Tron Pro, Valhalla DSP