1. Episode 1 Wisdom and Tragedy MP3 soundclip of Wisdom and tragedy [3:00]
  2. Episode 2 Dragon In The House
  3. Episode 3 Wu Wei
  4. Episode 4 Leaving The Masters For Good
  5. Episode 5 Point Of No Return
  6. Episode 6 Dream Puzzle
  7. Episode 7 Terra Coda
HiQualityCD. Tangerine Dream Eastgate Era collection vol.1

Produced and performed by Edgar Froese
Composed by Edgar Froese, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Franke (first release in 1988).
Re-recorded 2008 at Eastgate Studios Vienna

Re-recorded classic which is very highly rated not just among the die-heart community.
This new recording will come with a story about the original recording sessions back in Berlin in 1980 and 1983.
If you want to know more about the character of the music on the 2008 version listen to Hyper Sphinx live from the London show last year.

Press Information Hummmmmmm.....
A bit like watching the remakes of Italian Job and Ladykillers. Why mess with a classic? Edgar, you have nothing to prove with this, other than trying to rewrite your own history and denying that the 70s period ever happened.
Yes, I'm probably a die-hard classic period fan, but whilst Klaus Schulze is still producing material now that is as good as his Moondawn and TImewind days, and yet sounding modern - Kontinuum being a fantastic example - TD seem to have vanished into a strange place far away from what they did well.

2009. SB / UK The sequencer in "Wu Wei" bears much in common to the Giorgio Moroder-produced Donna Summer track "I Feel Love," from the 1977 album, I Remember Yesterday.

Steven Feldman / USA I have it, I really like it. It's pretty much what I thought it would be. If you like the Tangram Chin Part from Booster, you'll like Tangram 2008. They are effectively excerpts from the new album. You could almost argue that the album is a remix job. It sticks fairly close to the original, apart from having additional beats added for most of it, as well as occasional sounds used on recent albums - though they only appear now and then. Some of the parts thump along at a fair pace. Some will hate it but I think the majority will like it.
Sonically it is pretty superb, a very full smooth and warm sound. I think the original sounds have been quite heavily sampled, and having the original sound engineer Christian Gstetner helping out is a definite bonus. The liner notes imply that some vintage equipment has been used: Roland Japan gets a thanks for providing a vintage virtual guitar for example.

Interestingly the album has been split into 7 tracks though they are blended into two long pieces much like the original. Tangram Set 1 is Wisdom and Tragedy, Dragon In The House, Wu Wei, and Leaving The Masters For Good.
Tangram Set 2 is Point Of No Return, Dream Puzzle, and Terra Coda. Johannes gets a thankyou in the notes for his support.

Trainspotter footnote: Strangely there's no catalog number for this or Hyperborea 2008.
All in all, it gets full marks from me. By the way, Hyperborea is an entirely different beast. While Tangram appears almost a remix job, Hyperborea sounds a total "start again from scratch" rework.
I've only heard it in the car once, complete with moaning accompaniment from the girlfriend (she hates TD). I'll need to give it a better listen but it's not as effective as Tangram 2008.
Sphinx Lightning sounds pretty good, another complete rework, and different from the recent remixes. No Man's Land was almost unrecognizable on first listen.

2008. Derek Wilson