1. Oasis In Your Mind [4:55]
  2. Time To Move On [4:51]
  3. Entropia [6:24] MP3 soundclip of Entropia [3:00]
  4. Crater Temple [1:03]
  5. Crystal Snake [4:37]
  6. Sound Exploration [5:51]
  7. Well Of Hope [4:30]
  8. 4 Years (Without U) [3:50]
  9. Icy Landscape [1:03]
  10. Dolphin's Cave [3:54]
  11. Underwater Pagoda [3:38]
  12. It's Everlasting [4:29]
  13. The Land Of Red Ground [6:19]
  14. Oasis In Your Mind (Sisao edit) [3:54]
Full digital recording and mastering at CoolWind private Studio
All tracks composed by Marc LP

Cool Wind uses its mastery of the most advanced digital music software for its compositions. The result is totally contemporary chill out album with a huge personality.
Recommended for: Creating relaxing, positive, energetic atmospheres and spaces for friendship, studying and research. Modern and sophisticated atmospheres.

Press Information Cool Wind skillfully utilizes elements from Atmospheric Pop and New Instrumental Music to combine them into an interesting result that has little to do with orthodox Pop and instrumental music.
His music, eminently electronic, makes some incursions into World Music and Ambient. Each one of the themes, although continuing with the general format, gets near one of the styles mentioned before.
For example, "Ley Landscape" and "Dolphin's cave" are the most magical, ethereal pieces, owing a good deal of their character to the synthesizers.

2004. Hector Jordan This is what I would imagine you'd call an "ambient chill-out album for synth music fans" - in other words, it mixes slowly moving, solid and crunchy electro-percussive rhythms, deep dubby bass with flowing melodies and rich synth textures. The result is a surprisingly enjoyable album, strong and solid at one end, gorgeously celestial the other, with a myriad soundscapes in between. Always moving at various paces, the mood is one of languid atmospheres combined with deep layers of melodies from a variety of synths and keyboards, set to crisply produced and very real sounding percussive rhythmic backdrops.
Throughout the album, you'll find yourself wanting to hear every track, as the music becomes highly addictive, toes tapping away while at the same time listening intently to and enjoying all the layers and soundscapes and tunes that the musician conjures. With a huge depth of sound and flowing compositions, this is one for those who want it solid, melodic, fresh sounding, decidedly modern but with real tunes, real electronic music depth and nothing overly fast or in-your-face, while at the same time not forgetting its foundations. In its own way it's like a commercialized early Banco De Gaia only more overtly "synth".

Dead Earnest