CD #1: Zeit - The Original Album Birth Of Liquid Plejades
  1. Nebulous Dawn
  2. Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities
  3. Zeit
    CD #2: The Klangwaldt Performance - Cologne November 1972
  1. Klangwaldt - Part One
  2. Klangwaldt - Part Two
The label announce the release of a Newly Remastered Edition of the classic album 'Zeit' by Tangerine Dream. Released in August 1972 on the OHR label in Germany, 'Zeit' was recorded at the Dierks Studio near Cologne and also featured a guest appearance by Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh. One of the group s finest early albums, 'Zeit' was enthusiastically championed in the UK by the late John Peel, and was a major breakthrough for Tangerine Dream.
This Newly Remastered Edition 1000 numbered limited edition includes a Previously Unreleased Bonus CD of Tangerine Dream's legendary Klangwaldt performance recorded in Cologne in November 1972, and also fully restores the entire unedited double LP version to Compact Disc and includes a Lavishly Illustrated Deluxe 7" x 7" book with essay. Three postcards.

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