1. Winter In [9:57]
  2. Yenisei9:57
  3. The Hills Of [8:51]
  4. Wrangel [9:54]
  5. The Sea Of [21:20]
The Gateless Gate "Sibir" CDr

Canadian duo The Gateless Gate, comprised of Allister Thompson and Teri-Lynn Janveau, has released before six digital albums. Active since 2012, actually firstly as a solo project of Allister Thompson, while Teri-Lynn Janveau joined The Gateless Gate during 2013. "Сибирь Sibir" CDr album was released at the end of November 2014 on Irish label Psychonavigation, better said on its sub-label Offshoot, in an attractive 4-panel digipak with layout by Emma Dolan and cover NASA images of the Sea of Okhotsk, taken by Jeff Schmaltz.

10-minute "Winter In Yakutia" opens this highly adventurous sonic exploration with soothingly nuanced ethereal dronescape, graciously gliding across the stunningly scenic and immensely uninhabited panoramas of Yakutia's snow-capped wilderness, some of the coldest places in the Northern Hemisphere. Rather monochromatically drifting layers are relentlessly guarded by wistful choir drones, while some flute-infused passages sneak in to add exquisitely embracing evocativeness. A very nice beginning indeed!!! "Yenisei", a big Siberian river that flows into the Arctic Ocean, is another piece clocking to 10 minues, it unfolds with tranquil shoreline recordings, which are quickly bridged with gorgeously expressive bowed strings scenario. Organic subtleties transmute into mesmerizingly insistent sounds and intangible female choirs persistently ride atop. Another beauty, bravo, folks!!! Additional credit for field recordings used in this composition goes to Kiril "Dantes" Danilov. The next piece, "The Hills Of Buryatia", reaches nearly 9 minutes and transports the listener into awe-inspiring landscapes of conspicuously Buddhist and Mongolian influenced territories. Rawly spiraling drones invade along with throat singing transcendence, strangely swirling hypnotic traceries and peculiar voice fragments. Later on harsh strings try to steal the show, but overtone magic safely levels this breathtakingly enrapturing listening experience, where distinctive sacred fragrances meticulously melt with spellbindingly helixing dronecarving. A truly shamanistic and ecstatic ride!!! "Wrangel Island", is a remote mountainous island located in the Artic Ocean, it also may have been the last place on earth where woolly mammoths survived and today it's one of the most protected wilderness areas in the world. This peaceful place is also very often called as "polar bear nursery". It reveals with rather quieter, multi-dimensional, albeit enigmatically flatlined drifts. Then stern sheets continuously permeate, heighten and reach cinematically inexplicable magnitude masterfully exhibiting this pristine environment, truly an ultima Thule on the way to the Pole. What a journey!!! 21-plus minutes long opus "The Sea Of Okhotsk" closes this fascinatingly intriguing expedition with serenely wistful drones, mindscapingly monochromous and clandestinely undulating, spiced with weird faunal groans and calls. This expansive sea, located in the north-west corner of the Pacific Ocean is with its plentiful wildlife also known as "bird lover's paradise". And just the same as with previous compositions, The Gateless Gate duo flawlessly captures the incredible beauty and magnificent grandness of this maritime territory. A splendidly epic conclusion!!!

The music on "Сибирь Sibir" is mostly rather rawer, "unpolished" with low-fi surface, yet always utterly immersing and imposingly evocative, but I suppose both protagonists made this intentionally in order to authentically document the harsh grace of Siberian landscapes and all above mentioned natural wonders. Huge thanks, Allister & Teri-Lynn for your thrillingly rewarding, one hour long explorations!!! With minimum expenses I was taken to some of the most spectacular places on the Earth. Thus to all dronescaping adventurers out there, join the journey!!! And when visiting The Gateless Gate's Bandcamp site, don't miss additional three "Сибирь Sibir" digital bonus tracks recorded during the same sessions. And during 2015 another four digital albums were released by The Gateless Gate, including "Cold Front", which is out since October 20th. And not to forget, Allister Thompson is also the driving force behind Make Your Own Taste blog, where he shared his passion about music. And even if the end of this summer saw Allister's signing off, the site remains accessible with all its archives, so in case you don't know it yet, feel free to give it a look, because a very nice reading awaits you!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 28, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia)