1. Bekki Williams - Sub Aqua MP3 soundclip of Sub aqua [0:58]
  2. Kobolt - Ocean of Light
  3. Code Indigo - 24 AM
  4. Robert Fox - Queen of Hearts
  5. David Wright - Beyond Paradise
  6. Bekki Williams - In the Arms of Morpheus
  7. David Wright - A Certain Malaise MP3 soundclip of A certain malaise [0:34]
  8. Witchcraft - Ultraviolet
  9. Robert Fox - And all Shall be Well
  10. Raviv Gazit - OV1
  11. Code Indigo - Code 14
  12. Robert Fox - Water Music
  13. Code Indigo - Stasis MP3 soundclip of Stasis [1:22]
  14. Callisto - Elara
  15. Enterphase - Snow Paths
  16. David Wright - Walking with Ghosts
  17. Witchcraft - We Rest MP3 soundclip of We rest [0:38]
  18. Catalin Marin - Postlude

    Bonus tracks:
  19. Callisto - Interlude
  20. Bekki Williams - Fading
90 minutes of sound and vision combined to provide a relaxing and meditative experience. A Visual Soundscape. Ocean of Light DVD brings you a selection of the best melodic music from the AD Music catalogue. It also provides an excellent introduction to the musical talents the label has to offer. The music is blended seamlessly with relaxing video images of sunlit lakes, mountain streams and gentle seas.

Press Information Ocean of Light is an excellent introduction into the music of A.D. Music, a label that has released a series of melodic electronica albums. While the CD is primarily a compilation of previously released tracks, it has a coherence defined by the label's vision and style.
The largely instrumental tracks on Ocean of Light explore new age, melodic space music and chill out styles. The cuts share a relaxed vibe, and have an attractive surface without sacrificing depth.
Label honchos David Wright and Robert Fox show up in several combinations and permutations, along with Bekki Williams, The Kobolt Project, Witchcraft, Enterphase, Raviv Gazit & Catalin Marin.

Several tracks stand out on the album. Code Indigo's 24 AM is lovely, mixing new age orchestration with jazz-influenced piano.
David Wright's Beyond Paradise has the relaxing seaside vibe of Vangelis' Oceanic, conjuring images of a beach paradise.
Wright's A Certain Malaise moves into chill out territory, combining modern percussion sequencing with laid back synth work.
Witchcraft's tracks Ultraviolet & We Rest are vocal tracks that fall somewhere between gothic ambient and the French electronica of Air. Their tracks are stylish and imaginative, and the vocals are atmospheric enough that they fit well with the instrumental tracks.
Raviv Gazit's Ov1 is another treat. Gazit builds his tracks on dance-friendly chill out rhythms, and spices them up with world influences and interesting synth work. His one short track here leaves you wanting more.
Callisto's Elara showcases the group's feel for classic synth music. The track combines Berlin-school sequencing with some symphonic electronica that should give frustrated Jarre and Vangelis fans a fix. If that's not enough for classic synth fans, Enterphase dive deep into trippy sequencer territory with Snow Paths.
Romanian composer Catalin Marin contributes the final track, Postlude. This brief symphonic electronic track also recalls the work of Vangelis, complete with string synth, choir sounds and crashing cymbals. Marin has his own melodic flair, though, and makes the style his own.

Ocean of Light is a relaxing and rewarding introduction to the artists of A.D. Music. Fans of melodic electronica that are not familiar with the label will find this a great place to start. Don't be surprised, though, if it leaves you wanting to hear more from A.D. artists!

Synthtopia The English label specializes in rather relaxing and melodic electronic music with periodic slight modern rhythmic edges. It is a home for well-known artists like David Wright, Robert Fox, Code Indigo and Bekki Williams.
This compilation is, for once, not moulded in the form of a cd but in the form of a dvd-r where the music is accompanied with images of seas and babbling brooks. These types of images donít grip me very much, but as this music is very suitable as background music, the images can also be put out and the music can be played separately. By fits and starts this is quite nice but it is right down the line rather new age like. It melds fine with the images, but also it fits excellently in the categories mentioned above.
Highlights for me are "Snow Paths" from Enterphase (the most traditional track on the dvd-r) and "Iosphere" of Callisto that sounds similar to Vangelis.

Paul Rijkens