1. Faultline [15:45] MP3 soundclip of Faultline [3:00]
  2. Chrysolite [4:29]
  3. Pyro_gen [14:58]
  4. Aquamarine [7:03]
  5. Quenzer [11:19]
  6. Praetorian [20:42]
Recorded live at the Hampshire Jam 2 festival, Liphook, England, 9 November 2002
All tracks composed and performed by Redshift
Live recordings mastered by Mark Shreeve

Redshift are:
James Goddard - electrixc piano, sampler, mono and polysynths
Rob Jenkins - electric guitar, modular synthesizer and sequencers
Julian Shreeve - sampler, mono and polysynths, modular synthesizer and sequencers
Mark Shreeve - modular synthesizer and sequencers, monosynth, tape delay Equally at home live or in the studio, this is yet another powerful live set from these gents, Hampshire Jam 2 from November 2002.
The title track is a grabber, starting with loads of sonic textures that set a dark mood. Redshift is great nighttime music, for driving down a dark highway or kicking back at home, and this track would certainly fit for either. The sequence is straight ahead, no-nonsense. Guitars from Rob Jenkins add sizzle.

"Chrysolite" has some oddly captivating effects, including vaguely vocal-like samples. It is relaxed if a little unsettled.
"Pyro_Gen" is such classic Redshift that it sounds very familiar but not at all unwelcome. They continue to excel at the art of sequencing as king, the lynchpin of this piece.
On the other hand, "Aquamarine" shows they can do just as well without, a dreamy spacey number that is a touch lighter than Redshifts norm.
"Quenzer" starts with a slow stepping up and down pattern but then picks up speed and were off to the races once more.
Jenkins guitar work is again a welcome addition for extra bite. Stuttering light sequencing in the seventh minute is brilliant.
The audience roars their approval, leading us to the marathon finisher "Praetorian".

This one puts it all together, the complete package of all things EM should be. In short, exactly what you expect from Redshift.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space