1. Proterozoikum
  2. DNA Sequence
  3. Electric Soup Kitchen
  4. Primordial Glurp
  5. Trilobite
  6. Amoeba
  7. Cambrium
  8. Medusa
  9. Urge to Live
  10. Radiolaria
It's been a little while since i released the last ['ramp] album, and frankly i wouldn't have thought any new recording would ever see the light of day. hard to imagine that this world was a slightly different one when "no sleep 'til wilmersdorf" was released four years ago, and no one would seriously have guessed our world would take such a massive nosedive, right?
it is not only the dire prospects of future we are facing -- in some way or other, i also had to deal with the passing of one of the most crucial figures in my personal and musical evolution, cosmic hoffmann. in fact, it took me almost three years to come to grips with the fact klaus isn't around any longer. much of this cathartic mourning process is to be found on "happy days", and sometimes it even feels as if klaus was intervening from beyond (or elsewhere). come to think of it, i am even happier i managed to finalise a string of recordings made between the summer of 2017 and april 2022 -- and arrange them in a more or less meaningful way as an album of entirely new (and at the same time very old) music. in some regard it might be seen as a continuation of what was already present on "wilmersdorf". on the other hand, though, the music presented here took on a life of its own thanks to the recent events, and i must admit that i haven't made anything *that* doombient since my own "hoellenengel" album from 2004/05 (even though "happy days" is nowhere near as bleak, but that's only me, of course). honestly, i wasn't all too keen on taking that dark turn again, and i was perfectly happy to have left the gloomy reaches of electronic music behind a bit. well, it wasn't meant to be for long, was it?