1. Southpole Crossing
  2. Logos Blue
  3. Alchemy Of The Heart II
  4. Beach Theme
  5. Phaedra 2005
  6. Desert T. Dream
  7. Convention Of The 24
  8. The Blue Bridge
  9. Ride On A Ray
  10. Logos Velvet
  11. Challengers Arrival
  12. Sphinx Red Lightning
  13. Pergamon Sphere
  14. Loved By The Sun MP3 soundclip of Loved by the sun [3:00]
HiQualityCD. Tangerine Dream Eastgate Era collection vol.1

The 14 songs on this cd will open a series of re-recordings and re-mixes under various artistic and technical perspectives in order to give the listener different views to compositions originally created by Tangerine Dream and some of their short or longtime members or guests. This issue will start with a more classic approach to 14 songs created within the 40 years timespan of one of the most creative bands around. The songs are re-performed partly by the original composer or by musicians who had been or still are associated with the band. Tangerine Dream plays Tangerine Dream can be taken as a synonym for traveling back and forwards within the groups unlimited sound universe.

2006. Press Information