CD #1
  1. Poland
  2. Tangent
  3. Rare Bird
    CD #2
  1. Barbakane
  2. Horizon
The label announce the release of a Newly Remastered Edition of 'Poland-The Warsaw Concert' by Tangerine Dream. On the 10th December 1983, Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling performed a legendary concert in the Ice Stadium in Warsaw - a unique event, given the political situation in Poland at the time. The resulting 'live' album was issued as a double LP set on the Jive Electro label the following year to great acclaim. Of all the subsequent CD releases of the album, only two early editions, released in the USA & Germany, featured the full un-edited version of the original double LP.
This Newly Remastered Edition fully restores the Entire Unedited Double LP Version to Compact Disc and includes a Lavishly Illustrated Deluxe Booklet with New Essay.

2011. Press Information This is the extended version I've been waiting for for many years. This was out on Jive Electro for a short time and it's good to see it back. This is a strong and very powerful concert packed with pulsing bass and a dirge-like processional, Christopher Franke's Percussion is the main thing I like about this release.

The Cosmic Frequencies / USA