1. AWEN: Witche's Trance [10:29]
  2. NIGHTBIRDS: System Merge Part 1 [10:25]
  3. BERTRAND LOREAU: La Dixieme Dune [10:01]
  4. OLIVIER BRIAND: Libourne Dreams [10:12]
  5. CHRISTIAN RICHET: Live at L. the fisrt Step [10:41]
  6. JC ALLIER: Fairway / Seabirds [10:26]
This compilation samples six tracks of six different composers of the French Seventies-inspired electronic music scene.
These songs were played live on August 7th and 8th 2004 in Libourne (Near Bordeaux).

A good collection of the french garde of electronic musicians with Berlin School style tracks.

2005. Press Information