1. Live at Coventry Cathedral
In December 1974 Tangerine Dream were invited to play in the grand setting of Rheims Cathedral, a move certainly seen at the time as ground breaking. Because of this, they were then invited to perform in the Cathedral of York, Liverpool and Coventry. The tour attracted unprecedented coverage in the media, especially at Coventry Cathedral, an iconic building rising like a Phoenix on the ruins of the old cathedral bombed to bits by the Germans in 1940 (Tangerine Dream is, after all, a German band) as a celebration of peace and reconciliation, as well as a lasting showcase for great contemporary art. The nave is dominated by a gigantic tapestry by Graham Sutherland, the main door dwarfed by a sculpture of St. Michael & the devil by Jacob Epstein, and the consecration in 1962 heard the first performance of Brittan's incomparable War Requiem.
To their lasting credit, Tangerine Dream contributed to this celebration. This film released now for the first time on dvd will be welcomed by the massive Tangerine Dream fan base, and also seen for what it is - a meeting of cultures and for a brief moment in time, a time where the past met both the present and the future.

2007. Cover Information Good stuff, but only 30 minutes long. what a waste for 20€

2007. phaedrax / Spain Nice to have this DVD, just see it as a document from the past. A nice one to have but just only for the diehard TD fan.

2007. Hans Sijtsma / The Netherlands I'm a long time TD fan going back to '73 onwards and am rarely negative about any of their releases, old or new. This however is very disappointing. If you want 30 mins footage of Froese/Franke/Baumann TD not appearing to do very much with psychedelic overlays then fine, but be warned that the soundtrack is lifted directly from the Ricochet album - so for example you hear electric guitar but don't see it being played! I would have preferred a documentary with real excerpts to this 'silent movie'.
Smacks of commercial exploitation. No special features.

2007. Mike Potter / UK To see playing together Froese, Franke & Baumman is simply wonderful. The best line-up on the TD story.

2007. Stratos-Pheric / Spain Very interesting (but JUST VISUAL) document from the past (and of course THE BEST line - up of Tangerine Dream ever :-), but musically of course very disappointing. Ricochet Part One (also NOT a real live performance!) AND AGAIN Ricochet Part One slaughtered :-( SHAME!

2007. Robert / Hungary Very nice indeed to see this fenomenal line-up in such a place! But... did some one forget to tape it??? It would indeed have been nice to hear the original music.
OK, Ricochet part 2 is very nice but as Mike Potter puts it, what's the use of guitar if you don't see it played (not thaat I like guitar)... I think the 1974 music from the first Bootleg Box would have been more suitable. But, true... nice images!

2007. Lieven Van Paemel / Flanders Tangerine Dream performing in a unique location, with their best line-up, just as they moved into their classic period. It should be a great recording, with extraordinary acoustics.
Problem is its the same as one I've had on a pirate video (since ripped to DVD) for about twenty years, and I worked out long ago that that was just the chopped remains of Ricochet, parts bodged together (30 minutes is too much for just one side!) done as a promotional thing.
Really a shame, since you can hear the acoustics you'd get on the York Minster (aka York Cathedral) Tangerine Leaves 1 (Vol 3) recording, and when I saw this, I did hope that the original film with its soundtrack was in existence.
However, great visuals, nice shots of their stage kit, but only one for the die-hards and completists.....

2007. Steve Brereton / UK