1. Love's Purest Light [8:03]
  2. Angels in the Sunlight [22:16]
  3. Eternal Reincarnation [36:45]
"Music for Angels"is the first in a series of relaxation CDs by Trinity, a new age project featuring space music veteran David Wright, Neil Fellowes (aka Geigertek) and Nigel Turner-Heffer. The three musicians are synonymous with the classic electronic band Code Indigo as well as other instrumental and electronic music projects like Callisto and Geigertek. But as "Trinity", these three accomplished musicians follow a much more relaxed and chilled path into meditation style music.

"Music for Angels" is music for the heart and soul, a gorgeous blend of the beautiful strings and delicate keys of David & Neil, underpinned by the gentle acoustic guitar work of Nigel. This is unashamed new age music, with a hint of romanticism thrown in as well, with structure and emotional depth and purpose. And that sets Trinity apart from the crowd!

This is classic, space music style instrumental music, where three musicians combine their respective talents to present a unique vision of what 'drifting meditation music' should be. There's superb interaction between the musicians along the way too, as Trinity gives you new age space music to savor! So sit back and journey to faraway lands as you explore the gentle, drifting, new age space music found on "Music for Angels".

2011. Press Information New Age? Humph! Only David Wright could have convinced me to re-dip my ears into this insipid and boring musical style. Because I already gave and you can be sure about it! In the 70ís, in North America, we vaguely heard about the psychedelico-electronic movement that was going on in Europe. Of course we knew about TD and radio stations played some Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk. But we had to have good contacts in order to find the right records store that wasn't afraid of digging to get great EM importations and the music of Schulze, Ashra and others. With Virgin, we discovered the music of Tangerine Dream and Mike Oldfield and HMV distributed the IC catalogue, but that was all. So, doors were wide open to New Age. And radio airings were infested by it. Artists, including TD, coming from catalogues such as Narada, Private Music, Windham Hill, Miramar and others, had all the room and threw the real EM in commercial oubliettes to conceive some music with soft rhythms and celestial tones. We were far from pure EM. Then after came Internet, and artists' discovery such as Andy Pickford, Mark Shreeve, Ian Boddy and Ö David Wright. Artists who, from the bottom of their dens, continued against winds and tide to create avant-gardist music which, on the other hand, only pleased to a small audience and was being avoided by labels and producers who considered it too complex.

This long introduction brings us to the new vocation of A.D. Music label which will produce a new music series of relaxation. This new orientation answers a real need and a greater demand of a very active public which is dying to hear New Age, from where the group Trinity (not to be confused with Trinity of Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock who assisted David Wright) and the album Music for Angels. Trinity is formed by David Wright, Neil Fellowes and NigelTurner-Heffer; 3 musicians having a vast and solid background in progressive and electronic music with Code Indigo and in solos who accepted to raise the challenge and create a progressive style New Age.

A delicate waterfall awakens the rhythm of acoustic guitar riffs which, on his turn, gets a soft synth out of its musical hibernation. With its synth to angelic winds and fine orchestral arrangements, the very airy tempo of "Loveís Purest Light" shines of its twinkling arpeggios to offer a soft rhythmic imprinted of oniric sweetness. The rhythm on is light with this acoustic guitar filled of harmonious riffs, whereas the melody is assured by a fluty synth to delicate modulations and light tremolos ŗ la Kitaro. Celestial choirs, twinkling arpeggios, poignant mellotron momentums and superb orchestrations furnish this long mi-cosmic and mi-New Age ballad which unfolds with fine permutations in its structure while remaining always as fluid as melodious. I have to be honest and admit that itís a beautiful track which does its effect and even pleases to my love. Delicate notes of a quixotic harp open the first measures of "Angels in the Sunlight". The tempo is non-existent and notes float in a light static whirlwind where everything turns in circle, as the reflections of a hypnotic light. A fine bass line drops its notes and chords of an electric guitar are waking up while "Angels in the Sunlight" permutes finely towards a kind of galactic blues. A very long track full of restraint and mainly centred on acoustic instruments, "Angels in the Sunlight" reminds me a little bit of Osamu Kitajimaís The Source with this long melody which goes through the same rhythmic lines by adding here and there all the kiss curl ingredients for a public who doesnít want to hear heavy sequences, nor long solos to excessive lamentations. Itís there that the experience of these 3 veterans that are David Wright, Neil Fellowes and NigelTurner-Heffer can be feeling; they succeed to create a long melody which constantly turns on a rhythmic structure to fine permutations. The 2nd part offers a more electronic approach with a synth which whistles fine cosmic solos, moulding the blues to New Age while passing by a light jazz on suave fluty synth solos while passing by a delicate cosmic approach. How to turn our back to "Eternal Reincarnation"? The first portion offers this delicate acoustic guitar which pushes back its notes in an ethereal cosmos, there where the angels embellish the walls of stars and where cosmic winds feed the biosphere. A wonderful synthesized voice emerges from there. She breathes and frees suave lamentations which are lulling in a studed cosmos. Here is a superb introduction moulded in the bosoms of tenderness and melancholy with an angelic voice which blows our sighs in a delicate melodious approach. Nostalgic, the acoustic guitar is to make dream the rebellious. Angelic, the voice reminds those of mothers absent of our cots. She hums and murmurs our soft innocent musing in dusts of angels and stars, retrieved by a loving and romantic acoustic guitar. I would have liked this portion a bit longer but "Eternal Reincarnation" goes out of its charming bed in half-time with a soft festive approach, introduced by Tablas percussions which shape a fine tempo watered by light fluty winds. A livelier rhythm which gets back the introductory charms, creating a skilful meshing where Morpheus' sweetness and beauties are slowly dancing on a light bluesy and groovy rhythm.

If the future of EM architects passes by New Age, itís so to wish that this New Age passes by artists as talented and composers as experienced as David Wright, Neil Fellowes and NigelTurner-Heffer. If I found that "Angels in the Sunlight" went round in circles, I canít deny all the beauty and depth of "Eternal Reincarnation". A great relaxing track which nests in my Ipod and which accompanies my bed music because its really is music for angels. No I am not still in favour of New Age and I am very disconcerted by the commercial approach of A.D. Music, but when itís beautiful and well done, itís beautiful and well done and Music for Angels is a nice album which shows that New Age can be made in beautiful conditions of creativity. And by the way, David informed me that his next album will be very electronic and that the Trinity project has to be separated with his other musical activities.

2011. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com