1. Dronz 1 = > Ketter [16:11]
  2. Dronz 2 = > End [7:05]
  3. Dronz 3 = > Nefesh [14:37]
  4. Dronz 4 = > V2 [11:17]
Pinhas has called making Reverse a healing process, coming as it did during a stressful period in his personal life, including the passing of both of his parents. There is a therapeutic aspect to the way the music continually opens up the world, suggesting that looking forward can help alleviate the past. That’s true even in the album’s only drum-less track, “Dronz 4 - V2,” whose whirring treble feels more like a cathartic scream than a medicinal potion. In the sure hands of Pinhas and his comrades, Reverse is big enough to contain emotional multitudes.