1. Zeit Zeit
  2. Going West
  3. Streethawk
  4. Electrified Bach
  5. Kneeplay No.9
  6. The Anteater
  7. Monochrome
  8. White Eagle
  9. Stigma

  10. Splendid Isolation
  11. Crying Elephant
  12. Matjora Is Still Alive
  13. Drop Anchor In Present Time
  14. Morning Walk
  15. Zero Gravity
  16. Time And Tide
  17. Tangram - Part 1
  18. Amitie
  19. Day Without
Featuring music from the ‘Wuivend Reit’ debut LP right up to 2018’s ‘Immortal Tourist’, this audio visual fest celebrates Johannes’ solo (and some TD) work! November 10th 2018 was the date Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters took to the stage at The Enck, Oirschot (in the Netherlands) to perform the ‘Zeit’ concert. ‘Zeit Concert’ is released on approx. 30th May 2019.