1. Berlin - Tybet [14:20]
  2. Challenger Deep [17:18]
  3. Halley Comet (feat. Asuntar) [10:55]
  4. Journey to the Center of the Earth [10:15]
  5. Apicem Purpuram [9:03]
  6. Ocean current 2020 [12:06]
The latest album from Blindmachine and JDan Project duo brings a continuation of passion for exploring the atmosphere of a classic Berlin school. The astronomical thread in the song titles has become the hallmark of musicians, although we also have here a turn to the mysteries of our planet. The first minutes of the album Music in Space and Time take us to th e worlds once created on the album Rubycon by the legendary band Tangerine Dream, and this is just the beginning of the experience. Beautiful ambient landscapes in Challenger Deep immediately take us into the world that James Cameron saw diving in a bathyscaphe in the deepest oceanic depth on Earth. There is a lot of the climate of Brian Eno's early records. If you get inspiration, it's only from good examples. The sequential Berlin school returns in the composition Halley Comet, which rubs the atmosphere of progressive electronics with rock-sounding drums. The inspiration of Jules Verne's prose is revealed in the composition Journey to the Center of the Earth. Calm, sparingly arranged with the flowing sound of the solo part, it sways and stimulates the imagination. The album ends with Apicem Purpuram having the character of a musical experiment, and the dynamic Ocean Current 2020, which reminds about the roots o f the duo. A very nice record.