1. The Blessing [11:01]
  2. The First Breath [11:08]
  3. The Way In [9:28]
  4. The Deep End [7:37] MP3 soundclip of The deep end [3:00]
  5. The Return Home [20:13]
Giles Reaves - Synthesist, Sound Design, Drums and Production
Aashid Himons - Synthesizers

Giles is joined by fellow space musician, Aashid Himons for trip to the deep end... Performed at one setting, live to tape, this cosmic offering captures the essence of Giles and Aashid's musical dialogue sending the listener to the boundaries of the inner spiritscape...

Press Information Already by seeing the cover of this cd I got this exiting feeling that the music would sound more than nice.
And yes: with The Deep End Giles Reaves again proves himself a master musician on spacemusic.
Magnificent walls of sound drift on and on, and make this the perfect companion for a fascinating trip amongst the stars and galaxies. The vast but transparent non-rhythmic textures really grab the listenerís attention from the very first minutes and wonít let go until the last lingerings of the 20 minute-closing track "The Return Home" are slowly fading away.
An absolute must-have for all spacemusic-fans brought to you in outstanding sound & production-quality !

2003. Bert Strolenberg / The Netherlands