1. Procession Under Moonlight [1:47]
  2. Dreams [2:53]
  3. Velvetude [3:07]
  4. Just an Illusion - Part 1 [6:49]
  5. Just an Illusion - Part 2 [4:45]
  6. State of Peace [1:14]
  7. Cry to the Moon - Part 1 [4:31]
  8. State of Confusion [4:27]
  9. Cry to the Moon - Part 2 [3:37]
  10. Heatwave in Blue [8:02]
  11. Amorphous [7:58] MP3 soundclip of Amorphous [3:00]
  12. State of Bliss - Part 1 [4:53]
  13. State of Bliss - Part 2 [6:43]
  14. Sun Dust [7:28]
  15. The Canyon [8:44]
Rhythmic, dreamy and haunting, this is a captivating, high class epic

Music composed, performed, arranged and produced by David Wright

Andy Lobbam - lead guitar on track 4,5,8,12,13, and 15
Nigel Turner - bass guitar on track 4,5,12,13,14 and 15

David continues to produce music of the highest standard and this epic new studio album may prove to be one of his finest works to date. Fifteen interlinked tracks spanning a colossal 77 minutes that is stylistically a cross between his 2002 classic; "Walking With Ghosts" and 2004's; "Continuum".
The music is varied and one of David's most impressive creations yet. It features Andy Lobbam and Nigel Turner-Heffer on lead and bass guitars respectively and there are occasional vocal textures that will no doubt draw further comparison with Code Indigo. However, this is a very definite David Wright album - high class melodic music that is rhythmic and flowing.
There is some gorgeous music here; wonderful piano on tracks like track "Dreams", trademark synth solos and imaginative sequencing on the tracks "Just an Illusion" and "State of Confusion", while David's string arrangements have never been more inspired on "Cry to the Moon" and "The Canyon." Other tracks like "State of Bliss" with its evocative guitar and stunning blues arrangement, the sparse "Heatwave in Blue" and the Klaus Schulze inspired "Amorphous" highlight that David is prepared to take risks.
He is able to multitask and present various styles while retaining the vision and cohesion to present a very listenable album without deviating from what people recognize as his core style. Huge in scope, this new album will be a real treat for fans both old and new.

2008. Press Information With his new album David has created his best work to date surely. Not only does it employ gorgeous, exotic electronics but a great guitar/ drum set up at time with lush piano all fop which evoke Code Indigo at times, but also Davidís previous WALKING WITH GHOSTS & CONTINUUM as well.

Archie Patterson David is a maestro, this is an album full of innovative emotion. From track 1 he takes you on an uplifting celestial journey.

2009. Keith Brewins / England This CD from 2008 offers 77 minutes of imperial electronic music.
Joining UK synthesist Wright are: Andy Lobban (on lead guitar), Nigel Turner-Heffer (on bass). Additional guitars are supplied by Spectrasonics Bizzare Guitars. Vocal samples are sourced from Spectrasonics Vocal Planet and Hearts of Asia.

Delicate atmospheric textures are augmented by refined keyboards, fervid guitar licks and snappy e-perc, producing tuneage that combines dreamy aspects with gregarious animation.
A stately piano melody prepares the listener for this somnambulant voyage, which commences with bubbling electronics and gently pittering e-perc. The introduction of pacific guitar helps get things moving, and the rhythms step up to match this livelier motif. The electronics muster complexity as they enter this sprightly stage, excellently supporting the guitar pyrotechnics and the thoroughly engaging rhythms.
Gradually, the instruments switch roles, and the guitar and e-perc support the electronics. Nimble fingers coax keyboards to generate alluring riffs, while auxiliary electronics lend sparkling embellishment. A sense of ascension is accomplished as the melodies flourish and expand in scope and passion. Instances of regal piano serve to ground the soaring music.
The e-perc itself achieves a notable status through the bewitching character which Wright applies to the beats. The sounds display a remarkably mechanical timbre, strangely emotional despite their artificiality, contributing to the overall drama with their serpentine tempos.

These dependably catchy compositions flow together to create an epic presentation that achieves a highly dramatic posture with pensive spots along the way and uplifting passages that exhibit delightful vivacity.

2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity This is a work within the frame of Contemporary Instrumental Music, Synth-Pop and Space Ambient, full of poetry and beauty, which leads the listener to a universe of wondrous soundscapes by means of the masterful use of synthesizers, guitars and keyboards. The melodies usually are warm, intense, with a certain romantic, symphonic air. Many of the pieces have rhythms that, not quite coming to be too fast, provide this album with a dynamic character.

In a few words, a beautiful music, where the fine arrangements have a fundamental presence.

Pascual Jurado "Dreams and Distant Moonlight" is a new and very strong album of David Wright. He is a real master of electronic music. The artist paints delightful images of unknown lands. David Wrightís music leads the listener outside and at the same time it guides inward, into the inner personal world which turns out to be endless.

"Dreams and Distant Moonlight" throws open the window to the unknown. It provokes the listener to meditate and feel with the expressive music of David Wright. Powerful electronica, elevated chorales, saturated dramatic art Ė all these are components of the "Dreams and Distant Moonlight" album. David Wright speaks his own, very expressive language. He put a lot of poetry in his music. The epic "Dreams and Distant Moonlight" album is a high class art!

Serge Kozlovsky