1. Nu ages [5:03]
  2. Ambush [3:20]
  3. Emily W.(3rd Edit) [3:44]
  4. Circle [4:19] MP3 soundclip of Circle [3:00]
  5. Emily W (2nd Edit) [3:49]
  6. Peace [5:33]
  7. At all delight [4:04]
  8. El Presidente [2:55]
  9. Zauberwald [2:20]
  10. AF 4590 6: 15
  11. Synthetic Horizon (alternate Version) [6:05]
Music composed and played by Andreas Akwara & Bjorn Lutz

"Ambush" uses the speech of US President G. Bush after the September the 11th attacks 2001 using an ambient background.
"Circle" contains samples of the mourning widow of Kurt Cobain the Nirvana Frontman.
"Nu Ages" contains indian voices.
"El Predinente" contains samples of Cuba and Fidel Castro
"Peace" has PENTAGON samples on ending the WAR in Vietnam.

The album tries to show that no matter how difficult the human situation, no matter whether as a result of government practises, terrorist attacks, or private decisions, the human mind may use music for attaining hope and joy.
This brings all cultures together, showing that no matter how different cultural heritages may be, music brings us ALL together.
"Synthetic Horizon" is an alternate track from my upcoming Album.
In SH I tried to convey a Soundtrack feeling mixed with chillout Portions. It has a sort of intended deep atmosphere to it which should invite to a sort of "sophisticated" music awareness. The wide spectrum of human hearable sound is explored with orchestral partitions which should give the music a majestic feel to it, conveying the images of a Synthetic Horizon.

2004. Andreas Akwara / Germany Listening to "Ambush", I was very enthusiastic after having heard what Akwara could do in "PATHOS", which I consider a masterpiece of EM.

The first track, Nu Ages, on "Ambush" runs in that brilliant, ingenious, inventive style.
However the track "Ambush" suddenly woke me up from my dreams. The modern approach which seems to be so common these days, after Jean Michel Jarres "Metamorphosis" among EM Composers didn't fancy me at all.
track 3 got me calmed down a bit more, and while listening to "Circle", I again discovered the brilliance I look for in Akwara's music.
The other tracks that are worth mentioning are "Emily 2nd Edit", "At all delight", "Synthetic Horizon" and especially "El Presidente".
These tracks still have a modern, chilly, percussive, feeling but don't strike me as "fast food modern music", but are extremely pleasant to listen to in the evenings or in the car or as lounge Music. Even my family liked it ( EM enthusiasts know how seldom that happens...)

On the whole, Ambush shows a modern approach to EM by Akwara, and even though there are 3 tracks I really hated ( Zaubewalt, Ambush, AF4590)the overall result is stunningly refreshing.
Anybody liking Cafe del Mare or "Metamorphosis" - JMJARRE)should very much like this Album.
Personally, I would want to see Akwara continue making EM in the Style of "PATHOS".

2004. Paul Sutcliff / England Andreas Akwara and Bjorn Lutz show a convincing way to make music for our days, adapted to the actual times. Throughout the 11 pieces we will have a chance to attend all kinds of passages, from those fragments that invite us to dance to those others that are far more introspective and whose melodies transpire an originality that cannot be denied.
The style, electronic, agile and with a liberal use of sequencers, enters within the realm of Synth-Pop, although with traits of Space Music.

2004. Hector Jordan / Spain Through accident I came across this album in Brazil. I am really stunned.
"Ambush" is an album that could easily sell nicely in any modern music store. Tracks 1(!!!),4(!!!)5,6,7 8(!!!) and 11(!!!) are dense, modern and very unique sounding excursions into EM.
I especially liked the modern feel which at the same time somehow still has a very serious atmosphere. I listened to "Nu Ages" and "Synthetic Horizon" over and over again and i simply cant compare it to anything else I heard so far.
This music has soul. I can feel the spirit in it. I don't know much about Akwara and Lutz but I definitely want to know more about these artists.

2005. Pedro Caliu / Spain The CD booklet gives minimal information about these two artists. That is, where they are from, what they play, and why they play. So, I will concentrate on the music. The music is a mix of up-tempo rhythmic sounds ("Nu Ages"), occasionally supported by heavy beats that sometimes dominate too much ("Emily W", "Circle"). Sometimes there are some vague solos in between the rhythmic elements. Again, as on many recent releases, we hear the voice of Bush backed by ominous music ("Ambush"), which becomes a rather old trick (lucky for them Bush has been re-elected, otherwise they could have thrown this CD in the waste basket.
By the way, we also briefly hear that other popular friend, Nixon). All in all it is pleasant music, but not if you have a headache.

André de Waal / SonicImmersion.org This release from 2004 features 47 minutes of bewitching electronic music.
Pleasant electronics blend with an undercurrent of sampled voices, creating an earnest harmonic sense that is amply assisted by spacey keyboards and gently applied rhythmics. Astral passages become grounded by appealing tempos that grow into lavish gestalts of land and sky. A terrain of hypnotic melodies is invaded by organic sincerity, producing a sonic landscape that blossoms with optimism and inviting tuneage.
An overwhelming warmth permeates this music, capturing human emotion and transforming cosmic aspirations into earthy sentiments. Catchy riffs filter through an insistent mist of ambience.
Generally nebulous passages are invigorated by clever harmonics and attractive beats, bestowing body on that ambience and elevating the tunes to more substantial proportion.
Some tracks explore global politics with sampled voices memorializing significant international events.

2005. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity Chi l'ha detto che la musica elettronica è fredda e distante? Con "Ambush" Andreas Akwara e Bjorn Lutz dimostrano proprio il contrario: l'evoluzione della "kosmische muzik" si intreccia con una nuova concezione di suoni, ritmi e obiettivi, passando per la world music e il global folk. Un sound cosmico quanto mai vicino all'ascoltatore: gli appassionati dell'elettronica più accessibile apprezzeranno.

La visione dell'elettronica di Akwara è sempre stata quella meno sperimentale, volta a garantire una certa fruibilità: la sua collaborazione con Lutz si dirige proprio alla ricerca di uno "space sound" sfaccettato e variopinto.
A cavallo tra Art Of Noise, Jarre, Aphex Twin e Tangerine Dream (tanto per dare delle coordinate spicciole), brani come "Nu ages", "Emily W" e "Circle" miscelano reggae/dub, percussioni ipnotiche e marimbe, ritmi del mondo e beats ai limiti della techno.
Più canonica l'accoppiata voce indiana-dance di "At all delight" e i suoni di "Zauberwald" (alla Tangerine Dream dei primi anni '80).
I suoni liquidi e pittorici della title-track, le voci di Bush e Fidel Castro in "El presidente", il fervore tecnologico di "Peace" (con samples dalla guerra in Vietnam): tutto concorre a fare di "Ambush" un disco camaleontico ma molto fruibile.
Molto interessanti i due pezzi nel finale, dai quali emerge una maggior attitudine alla ricerca del colore: "AF 4590" e "Synthetic horizon" si distaccano dal trend generale del cd per offrire una sequenza musicale sofisticata e audace, vicina alla produzione solista di Akwara.

Donato Zoppo / MovimentiPROG El compositor alemán Andreas Akwara nos presenta un nuevo trabajo en colaboración con Björn Lutz, este lleva por titulo Ambush. En esta nueva producción de este sintetista nos encontramos más influencias de diversos estilos musicales y no solamente de la electrónica más clásica como en su anterior disco. En Ambush nos sigue presentando las influencias de su origen pero estas se ven acompañadas por un amalgama de sonidos más contemporáneos que redundan para conseguir un disco mucho más completo, más lleno de pequeños matices que hacen mucho más agradable su disfrute.
Andreas no se ha dejado acompañar de los fáciles sonidos considerados como contemporáneos, sino que se ha aprovechado de estos para unirlos con sonidos procedentes de países como la India para crear una atmósfera más irreal y más cautivadora al mismo tiempo. Ambush no es una colección de ambientes y sonidos, sino que además, Andreas da un nuevo giro y nos sorprende con un añadido un tanto especial, las voces ge George Bush y de Fidel Castro, este último en un tema titulado El Presidente.
Ambush es un paseo por ambientes imaginarios pero que con esas sutilezas de la realidad nos hace volver al ritmo del día a día y nos traslada de nuevo a este mundo imperfecto en el que vivimos.

2005. Roberto Vales Fernández / Atcticmist