1. Cornsmoke - Camboidan Moonlight
  2. Marina Raye - Liquid Silk
  3. Kenya Dubois - Blink
  4. John Pemble - Sear
  5. Ian Boddy - Gamma Omicron
  6. Synthetic Block - 4 Days On
  7. Jim Cole - Notillucent Clouds / Primeval Forest
  8. Gabrielle Roth - Chatter
  9. Paul Ellis - Appears to Vanish
  10. Dweller at the Threshold - Alpha Mastered
  11. Tony Gerber - Dusk
  12. Spacecraft - House of Gaudi
  13. Forest Fang - Postcard from Heaven
By well known reviewer and music critic, Jim Brenholts, is an eclectic and highly insightful view into the artists and recordings of the ambient, new age and electronica genres. It fills an important niche in the available literature in that it covers some of the most innovative work in the field that, for whatever reason, has remained largely unknown to a wider audience.

A set of compact discs by various artists profiled was created specially to accompany the book. Many of the pieces in the set are unreleased rarities made available by the artists specifically for this project, while others are selected from pulished recordings by the artists themselves. All of the rights to the music are retained by the artists and we sincerely hope that you will seek out their music and add their solo recordings to your collection.

Volume Three features the work of Cornsmoke, Marina Raye, Kenya Dubois, John Pemble, Ian Boddy, Synthetic Block, Jim Cole, Gabrielle Roth, Paul Ellis, Dweller at the Threshold, Tony Gerber, Spacecraft and Forest Fang.

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