1. TBA
"wilmersdorf" is a bit of a journey through time and space. rather than embarking on an imaginary flight through the vast unknown of space, i decided to travel back in time to a place i had the privilege to explore, taste, and experience face-to-face in my childhood days: the city of berlin as it was in 1978 and 1979 when i spent some time in the borough of wilmersdorf with my parents, just around the corner from thomas kessler's original beat studio, peter baumann's paragon studio, manuel göttsching's studio roma, michael hoenig's aura studio, edgar froese's place, and david bowie's residence, all within walking distance. of course i would learn about all this years later, even though i already had a penchant for electronic music by other artists from that era, particularly for one group from düsseldorf. incidentally, i was living in the düsseldorfer strasse... the plot thickens. "wilmersdorf" was recorded in a laborious process, frequently interrupted by editing sessions and re-recording and overdubbing selected bits. i wanted the album to be as perfect as i had wanted "traces of the past" to be some 20 years ago. i spent a lot of effort on getting the sound quality of that era right, the flavour spring reverbs, tape delays, and analogue synthesisers would inevitably have added to the final result.