1. Too many Secrets [1:13:54] MP3 soundclip of Too many secrets [9:00]
This CD was earlier released as CD-R. This is the normal release with the full version of 73.54 minutes.
In addition to his regular music this CD contains over 70 minutes of perfectly produced, absolute astonishing ambient music of the finest quality. Ron's overwhelming soundscapes are intwined with whale sounds and a broad variety of enviRONmentals which all make for a journey, listeners won't easily forget. He's at it again. Ron Boots must surely be one of the most prolific, yet consistent, artists on the EM scene. This time he's released a gargantuan slab of accomplished synthesis in the form of this single 73 minute track. Originally released as a limited edition CDR of only 50 copies, we now have the opportunity to hear the piece in full and what a treat it is.

The whole concept revolves around night-time, with all the music created after dark to "capture the spirit of tranquility and peace". The sleevenotes say that the CD is designed to be put into repeat mode, in order to let you escape from the stress of today's hectic world. On that level, and many others, it meets its objectives. Don't be fooled though, this is no minimalist drifter. Though full-on sequencing is off the agenda, there are still some delightful cameo pieces and generous helpings of textural mastery, often constructing themes of real stature. Ron also plays the effects card well with all manner of strange treatments.

All in all another outing of class and poise. Let the dream continue.

GG Ron Boots is one of the more prolific and consistently good synthesizer musicians still exploring the idiom of analog synthesizers. Too Many Secrets is one long (74 minutes) edit consisting of a number of movements. This makes radio play difficult, although the first movement (9 minutes) is an excellent introduction and could be played by the enterprising radio DJ. I actually have played much longer edits on my show and have not failed once to get interested callers.

The first 28 minutes contains 3 movements and a few seconds of quiet at the end, making another good radio edit. Although some pieces have a lot of movement and melody, the majority of the composition is quieter and more atmospheric. It was recorded at night, and is very peaceful and warm. It is relaxing and emotive, excellent for quiet, contemplative moments.

Too Many Secrets is a varied and diverse audio experience, good for both casual and concentrated listening. I recommend it to all new age and electronic music fans.

Jeff Johansen / USA When listening to this cd I get an uneasy feeling about it. Or should I say, haunting feeling?(!). Cause this is really one good record which reminds me a lot of the intro to the movie "The Thing" in one part of it.
Some parts are a bit frightening, some very haunting, and some pieces are really dark and moving. It's a cd I would recommend to everybody who loves soundtracks such as John Carpenter's "Christine".
So, like the previous post about this album. Turn out the lights, and lock your doors, bolt your windows...It's time to get haunted! Just Buy it! Ron Boots best cd ever so far! I Love it!

2007. Kristian Persson / Sweden The CD kicks off in Ron Boots' - unsurprisingly - typical style: slow drums, slow sequence, modest soloing, which could have been left out on this disc. But then we are in for a big surprise: very sophisticated ambience, comparable to bits of Vangelis' "El Greco". Vangelis and the spacier Robert Rich and Steve Roach, alternated with a couple of delicate rhythmic parts. Pure bliss for people who enjoy the introverted side of contemporary EM!
Unfortunately, Boots pulls us all off our cloud with the final piece, where he grabs back to his usual patterns. There's just too much structure and programming going on and too little genius to get me excited.

This being said, the CD is worth buying just for the terrific ambience in between the opening and closing pieces.

2007. Erwin Broers / Belgium I have just been listening to a wonderful CD by the great Dutch synthesist Ron Boots called "Too Many Secrets", the CD contains one long piece of music which runs for 74 minutes plus.
This is an astonishing piece of ambient brilliance by Big Ron, BUY IT NOW I wish I had bought it years ago.

2003. Colin Jouxson Turn of the lights, turn up the volume, close your eyes and after many 'secrets' you wished that there where more.

2004. Epiphay / The Netherlands "Too Many Secrets" was originally released only as a 60 - minute CDR. It was re-issued in 1997 as a full length 74 - minute CD.

Ron created this atmospheric minimalist masterpiece solely during night hours in his studio. He did that to capture the peace and tranquility that come with nocturnal hours. The CD uses "enviRONmental" samples to enhance the ambience. Ron invites listeners to play the album on repeat mode "to escape from the stress of today's hectic world." His lust for life shines on this ambitious album. The minimalism is light and fluffy. The soundscape is gentle and airy. This is a great meditation CD. It works for lucid dreaming and for focused listening. The psycho-acoustic properties are phenomenal. The dreams evoked are pleasant and restful.

(This is psychoactive material that I would recommend for my clients! Read my bio!)

Jim Brenholts