1. Into the great Valley [4:25]
  2. Haj (sacred journey) [6:31]
  3. Dark Sun [6:33] MP3 soundclip of Dark Sun [2:59]
  4. Ancient Shadows [8:32]
  5. Citadels & Minarets [5:40]
  6. Nile (Lifewaters) [6:18]
  7. Muezzin Meditation [4:42]
  8. Full Moon Dervish [7:15] MP3 soundclip of Full Moon Dervish [3:00]
  9. White Dunes [7:41] MP3 soundclip of White Dunes [3:00]
The U.S.A. version has a different cover, music is the same.

Visialized and recorded at the Soundcove November 1996 - March 1997
Direct to DAT via Mackie 1202 mixer. Mr. Alpha Wave Movement is the artist behind this great ambient-CD. This time his dense ambient-soundtextures contain a touch of the East. Great atmosphere with tabla-like percussion and eastern samples. Because the music on this CD is somewhat more rhythmic then the 'normal' Alpha Wave Movement music, Gregory decided to release it under a different name.

1998. Bert Strolenberg Open Canvas is, in this instance, the worldbeat side of Alpha Wave Movement/Gregory Kyryluk.

"Nomadic Impressions is gently exotic -an engaging, dreamy journey tinged (not overloaded) with samples of foreign and Eastern sounding instrumentation: finger cymbals, dumbeks, marimbas, vinas, etc., all backed by traditional electronic mainstay textures.

"Dark Sun", "Full Moon Dervish" and the plucky "Nile {Lifewaters)" tend to be a bit punchier and more uptempo than the other six tracks but, nevertheless, there is a continuity which keeps the listening experience as satisfying as it is rewarding.

The computer generated artwork of Robert Marselje is intriguing, particullarly the inside illustration of cyber-cacti and pyramids, with Arabic script floating in horizontal ribbons. Nomadic Impressions is cheaper and less fuss than a trip to Cairo by way of Sedona-yet everv bit as beguiling. Go.

1998. Mann Makula Hawks / Wind und Wire