1. Zombie Attack [7:15]
  2. Twilite Sleep [4:05]
  3. Spiritual Tramp [11:44] MP3 soundclip of Spiritual Tramp [3:00]
  4. Mellotronics [3:47]
  5. Pieces [5:39] MP3 soundclip of Pieces [3:00]
  6. From Inside the Cyclone [7:41]
  7. Fool Grooves [6:28]
  8. Galaxy of Terror [10:43]
  9. The Promise [8:42] MP3 soundclip of The Promise [3:00]
  10. Sway [6:29]
Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt from Germany do it again. Heavy, vast & dense soundscapes keep you fascinated untill he last minute! Those impressed by e.g. Steve Roach's "Magnificent Void" should take a chance on this one. Colleague Paul made me quite curious with his story in the last E-dition about Hemisphere, so I decided to purchase two cds by this German duo. I was full of anticipation as I put on "From Inside The Cyclone" but I almost pulled out from listening entirely during the first track. Why? Because "Zombie Attack", despite the nice title, has that modern rhythm to which Iím totally allergic. This rhythm dominates the entire song so that all nuances are pushed aside.
The second track, "Twilight Sleep", turns out to be a soundscape, so now Iím really ready to call it a day.
The following tracks, "Spiritual Tramp" and "Mellotronics", are predominantly tranquil, being a small degree above soundscapes with lots of noises and sounds.
It is not until "Pieces" that the musicians drive up the tempo and the guitar is finally released from its case, immediately resulting in an excellent EM-song. For the remainder of the cd, there is a constant shifting between quiet soundscape-like tracks and swift and sometimes fierce guitar-oriented songs.

Andrť de Waal / SonicImmersion.org