1. Time Barrier [11:21] MP3 soundclip of Time barrier [3:00]
  2. Timeless Dreams [10:15]
  3. Universal Time Zone [11:19]
  4. Quiet Times [8:05]
  5. Lightning Times [10:03]
  6. Time Is Running [6:51] MP3 soundclip of Time is running [3:00]
  7. Running Out Of Time [7:36]
  8. The Last Time [7:58] MP3 soundclip of The last time [3:00]
Beautiful melodic music. Because the pressing plant has lost all artwork we had to recreate it again. That's why this cover will vary slightly from the original cover. I have been collecting Electronic Music since 1973 and I have to admit In my Collection of 17,000 EM cds this is the first one that brought me to tears tracks 1,6,7 and 8.
Now don't get me wrong The cd is not in any way Depressing, It's just Overwhelmingly Beautiful.
Kudos Eric : )

2005. Mike Costa / USA I absolutely love the three sample pieces that are available for review! Incredibly beautiful music, and I will definately be purchasing this album!

2005. Don Gorney / USA