1. States of Mind [7:37] MP3 soundclip of States of Mind [3:10]
  2. Visions [7:41]
  3. Desperation [6:17] MP3 soundclip of Desperation [3:00]
  4. R.E.M. Dreams [4:20]
  5. Tension [8:16]
  6. Religion [8:03]
  7. Worldly Escape [6:01] MP3 soundclip of Worldly escape [3:00]
  8. Freedom [6:52]
  9. Spirit Vibes [4:23]
Composed during 1997.
Track 1,4,6 and 8 by Roland Guyt
Track 2,5,7 and 9 by Paul Bliekendaal
Track 3 and 6 by Marcel Guyt

Gerlinde Vliegenthart - vocals on track 8

The States Of Mind projekt is a multimedia projekt consisting of music combined with moving images. The main character in the movie processes her every day activity, emotions and past in het sleep.

Press Information This well-done recording of mostly sequencer-based/Berlin school EM snuck in under my radar and missed getting reviewed much earlier. Mind Projects is the work of Paul Bliekendaal, Roland Guyt, and Marcel Guyt. The music on "States of Mind" was made to run as the soundtrack to a movie in which the lead character "processes her everyday activity, emotions, and past in her sleep." The music does have a cinematic feel to it at times (like the opening uptempo "States of Mind") and also, at times, becomes mysterious and ethereal (although not always in an ambient sense). "Visions" starts off as a floating dark ambient series of keyboard washes and soon morphs into a propulsive synth beat-driven cruiser, with percolating rhythms (I really like this cut). The third cut, "Desperation," has chime-like synths counterpointed by an underlying bass line and an occasional soaring lead line that comes and goes.

All the songs on this CD are solid and there's a fair amount of variety here, all within the framework of traditional German-school synth music. "R.E.M. Dreams" chugs along nicely with lots of buzzing and chirping synths. "Tension" juxtaposes synth choruses with mid tempo synth bass blasts and pulsing synth notes. Eventually there is a repeating refrain done on shimmering but minor key keyboards. The song builds nicely over its eight-plus minutes. "Religion" is another winner, evoking those mysterious feelings I alluded to earlier, through the use of female and male synth choruses and wailing warbling lead lines, accompanied by a burbling pulsing rhythm track.

I don't know if Mind Projects will ever release another CD. I hope they do. States of Mind is a highly listenable, richly textured, diverse collection of EM. In my mind, this translates into "can't miss." But, if like me, your radar (or sonar) was on the blink when this came on the screen, do yourself a favor and track it down. You won't be sorry!

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